this is about there lifes before the games! enjoyy!! hope u like it!!!!

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Chapter 1.

The games part 2

i Sat down with the other careers sharpening my knife so when i hit someone it would be really painful. Then all of a sudden the panem anthem was booming and peoples faces were in the sky. 12 were killed today but including the girl we killed at the fire is 13. 13 tributes gone in a flash. I looked behind my shoulder to see glimmer trying to talk to cato but i could see in his face he was getting annoyed. marvel was just staring at the sky. Peeta was just making fires for us. I wanted to just chuck my knife right at glimmer but then i remembered were allys now and we must help each other.  ''Clove?'' said cato. ''Yes?'' i said turning around. ''Are you okay?'' he said moving forward to me. ''Yes im fine'' i said sharpening my knife more. ''Glimmer is really annoying me'' he said. i laughed. ''I can tell'' i said giggling even more. Then we decided to move on. ''lets keep walking'' said cato. ''We need to find the girl on fire'' he said grabbing his sword. i followed him. ''Do you have any idea where she is?'' i said stopping peeta. ''I think she went that way'' he said pointing to the hills. so we all followed him. i heard glimmer's conversation with cato ''dont you think we should just kill him now?'' she said pointing at peeta. ''nah'' said cato,''hes out best chance of finding her'' he said laughing. i have already had enough of glimmer. we probably have been walking for an hour because im so tierd. finally cato says ''Lets camp here for the night''. i smiled at him, and he smiled back. Glimmer was just following cato where ever he went. ''Cato?'' she said smiling. ''Are you and clove dating?'' she said still smiling. he laughed a little. ''nah, shes my best friend'' he said gathering sticks for the fire. i cant take it any more i have to kill glimmer. i walk up to her. ''Leave cato alone'' i say holding my knife near her face. ''or i will kill you'' i said smiling. ''Fine then'' she said pushing away the knife. i walked up to cato and saw that he was happy with what i did. ''Thanks'' he said laughing. ''No problem'' i say patting his back. Marvel doesnt really talk to us that much i guess there really is nothing to talk about anyway. We gather round the fire and warm up when a parachute falls down to me. i open it to find loafes of bread and some cheese. ''Yes!'' said cato. ''Finally some food'' he said laughing. i pass round the bread and cheese. it was so yummy. then after a few hours we all fall asleep. What a day we had today, but still no sign of katniss who knows we might find her soon......
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