Twins (1)

Twins (1)

From the creator of geeky girl is twins, the sequal! Erica and Toby have moved to Los Angeles after Meghan had a big deal in acting, yes Meghan got into show buisnass, ad of course Aaron is a football player, Erica Is sad though she had to leave all her friends, Toby is their to comfort her, they moved within the age of 6, luckily Meghan didn't move without a plan! They set up a video chat for the children, knowing they had many friends! Will this move be a good trip or will Erica and Toby have problems?

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Chapter 1.
Saying goodbye!

Saying goodbye!

Erica was crying this day at Denver Elementary, she had to say bye to her friends, she and her family we moving to Los Angeles. Class we have some sad news, Erica and Toby are moving away. Said Miss Pettleburg sadly. Miss Pettlebuwg, can me and Toby pass out cawds and huggies? Asked Erica politely. Of course you can. said the teacher with a sad sigh. Bye Bye Aubwie said Erica as she give her best friend a card and a hug. Toby sighed as he said "Bye Devin I will miss you..." Soon after passing out all the cards words from the intercom said "Erica and Toby to the office please, they are being dismissed." Bye bye!!"! the twins said as they got their backpacks and went out the door with the teacher's aid guiding them to the office. "Mommy! Daddy!" said Erica and Toby as they were picked up and carried out the door. They went straight to the airport with their stuff in their car.
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