the bully (1)

the bully (1)

'why is it happening to me huh? what's so bad that everyone wants me dead?' this is the story of Lucy brown

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chapter 1

I've been called so many things in life: good and bad but mostly bad things. I think most people have been or are going to be called a bad thing, no one is perfect, even 'the prettiest girl in school' has flaws but because she is popular no one takes into account that she might have some. in my school, west-borne  high in case you are nosey wanted to know, there are 4 main groups: the popular beautiful rich almost flawless girls (every one wants to be friends with them) there's the nice but you have to get to know them before thy say hello to you (they are quiet as hell; it's impossible  to talk to them) there is the meh popular s: they aren't popular but they think they are (snooty and geeky that's all i can say!) and last but not least is the 'dorks' and yes, i am in that little tiny group no one cares about but hey we (me, and 3 others) don't care, we have each others backs, or at least i think that they would stick up for me,
the members of the 'dorks' names: Lucy (me), Carrie, Sam and dilly: Carrie is my best friend and right now she is sitting on my bed in a very strange manor, like seriously i have never seen anything like it!
'so, Lucy, your parents still won't let you on salvio?'
salvio is a social website, all my friends have it and due to the fact that my parents are super protective i'm not allowed to go on it's so annoying! i mean what's so bad about it? well i can't wait any longer, i'm making an account and there is nothing you can do about it! mwahahahaha!!
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