My Weird, Random Dreams (2) The Zombie Recess Teachers

My Weird, Random Dreams (2) The Zombie Recess Teachers

The second installment of one of my usually weird, random dreams. This time it's about me being attacked by...well, just look at the title. It's really a no-brainer.

published on January 28, 201413 reads 6 readers 3 completed
Chapter 1.


I clutched my stomach and groaned. I had just threw up at what seemed to be my old school. Seriously, I really hate these types of dreams when you relive something from the past. Which was what was happening now. Three years ago, this was exactly what had happened. Unlike the last dream about the S.S. Dreamboat, I was vaguely sure this was just a dream, not real life.
"Cleanup on playground. Cleanup on playground." the flat drone of the office lady talking through the speakers filled the air.
Feeling woozy, I sat down on the grass to wait for the janitor. I would have gone to the office, except I just didn't have the energy to do so. Pull yourself together, Leaf (yes, yes, fake name), I thought. All you did is throw up. Just thinking about it made me want to do it again, so I switched my thoughts to something more pleasant.
Little did I know there was something in store for me right now that was the exact opposite.
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Lol XD
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