The Life of Tinkerbell

The Life of Tinkerbell

My cat Tinkerbell, is the most wonderful cat I ever had. I want to share her life and what she's been through. It's a tragic and magical(highly dangerous story)for a cat.

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The Life of Tinkerbell Rothwell

The Life of Tinkerbell Rothwell

My full name is Tinkerbell Pudding Rothwell. I am 8(in 2013) and my birthday is 25th of September born in 2005, just my second youngest two leg. I have 2 two leg mothers.
When I was 7 my two legs had a dog, Jackson. One I had been attacked by him but saved by my eldest two leg. I have been dressed up, put in a cot, and had many dog friends while I was 3. When I turned 5, I had kittens. 3, 2 were given to other two legs and 1 was kept until my second batch of kittens came. They died, but my kitten was still alive. One day, he was given away.
When I was 6. My two legs bought a rabbit. Her name was Rosie and I was terrified of such creature. Later on, we became friends, I shared a two leg bed with her, my snacks we she wants some, and my litter box. After 2 weeks, Rosie passed away. I remember my two leg friends crying and myself looking for her.
Near christmas in 2013, my two legs bought an elephant. I know, weird. The elephant is adopted, phew. She's in Asia, and her name is Emily Kate.
I don't think my two legs would want another pet, which is fine.
I am grumpy, quiet, but I love my two legs. I have an attitude and I love cat sachets, fish, chicken, grass, and dog food.
Thank you for reading The Life Of Tinkerbell. I hoped you enjoyed my short way of putting my cat life together in a story.:P
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thats so nice!!!!!!! i wish i could meet Tinkerbell Pudding Rothwell.. actually i didn't realize that "two leg" meant humans after the 5th sentence i realized that
on December 26, 2013