The Adventures of A Madman.

The Adventures of A Madman.

Ah, yes. Welcome. This is my story. And as the title suggests, I am indeed a madman. Now, Sit back and enjoy my adventures. Or rather my hell. But i like to be positive.

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Chapter 1.

The First Inklings of The Underworld.

-The Underworld consisted of many different worlds within one, almost like heaven contains separate worlds within it. Each world with it's own rules and laws. All Disconnected, all strange and foreign to the unseeing eye. But in fact all these billions of worlds are linked together. Held like glue to a cats back with a single idea. A thought. A mindset. And the thought is pure madness. Just as heaven has it's peace and tranquility, the underworld has Madness.
Just as hell has it's pain and torture, the underlands have Madness. So many afterlives to go to... how to choose which one? Hahahaha. As if you can choose. It chooses YOU. And it places you within it's borders wherever it wants you to go. It's sentient in that respect, always protecting it's main idea. Madness. Choosing people who will protect that idea. As all Afterlives Do.

That being said, all of the Underworlds are running amock with madness, most forgetting that they are dead and escaping to the natural world. To infect it with their disease. They can be compared to angels and demons, Running around in the mortal world causing havoc. Except, They're not always bad, nor are they always good. Between the two extremes. (A much better choice i must say. in fact i rather find my self fortunate to be down here.)

This is where i come in. Not to the underland. Not quite.
But to the mortal worlds. or world rather. I'll beg your forgiveness, i always forget that your world is
But i was once a part of it. As we all were.
time has no meaning in a place like this. People from all eras are here. Some millions of years into the future. Some from the present. And even the most interesting ones, the ones from our past. Oh yes, quite a bunch they are.
The thing is, you can die here. Not like you die easily. But you can.
Not like in heaven or hell, where you just live forever in torment. (Yes i imagine heaven is a torment too. Think about it, having to share that place with all those scoffy goody-two-shoes types? Oh no no no that would never do)

But yes, now to introduce myself. I know I know, You'd rather stay and talk about the boring history of our afterlifes. But we'd run out of time if we had a million-trillion-bazillion years. So sit, have a cup of tea. (i never make it, i half wonder where it comes from...maybe i did make it..)
And relax. As i tell the tale of the most heroic, despicable And the maddest man in all of the underworlds-
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