The Voices

The Voices

Echo, Test Subject 21, whatever she is named has finally ran from the asylum she was kept at for so many years. But she doesn't know anything about herself and she only has the emotions in her head to keep her sane.

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Chapter 1.

Loss of Thought

Pain, not a thing in the world can help you. Not even your own thoughts…
Well now you’ve gone over the deep end…
Not even fully….…………
Oops lost it for a minute…Great there goes that one. Well point is, nothing makes sense anymore. Understand? Of course not! Not when you’re losing your thoughts…
There it went again…we really need to control you…
“Who are you?????” A worried voice asks
“Wrong question to ask” another voice replies
“Well then who are we?” it asks again
“We are you. We are one. We are the voices you so hate. The emotions you hide so deep. The feelings you try to hide from the world…we are what you fear and love most.” The voices reply
“What are your names?” I ask timidly
One voice rings out, “I am anger. The feeling you’ve pent up so long without an opening for venting or letting go. I lead to…
“Hatred’s the name hate is my game. I am what happens when you are alone too long without any help. I am what humanity has created off of anger. I can lead to many things but most say I lead to…
“Pain, obviously blunt name I know. I am many things. I come out to play many times but nobody likes me. I know what it is to feel lonely. I am the ache you feel when you are. I infect everybody no matter who they think they are.”
“And I am insanity. I am the last one of all emotions. One resorts to speaking to me alone when they are truly alone and therefore they lose their minds. You are not crazy just depressed. Another pain thing, but all the same we do what we must to keep you safe.” They all say one after another.
“What is my name?” the voice asks once more
“We don’t know…what could your name possibly be?” they reply with sarcasm laced through their voices.
“Does this mean I’m crazy?” I ask
“Maybe, why do you ask if you are crazy?”
“Because I’m sitting in a room, alone, talking to a mirror.”
“Well maybe you should ask your light emotions…we are of the dark…not the light.”
A new set of voices rings out “We are of the light, let us introduce ourselves.”
“I am joy. I am also called happiness. Many spend their lives looking for me but never find me because I am and always was with them throughout the search.” One strong voice rings out
“I am peace. Not very many find me because they don’t understand what I do. I can relax you without much trouble.” The next voice rings out
“And I am love, I am the feeling everyone gets, like pain. We each are in somebody whether they realize it or not. We are each linked together through the dark emotions. Even insanity used to be attached to an emotion until he killed her. Long story and a very unhappy ending”
“Do you know my name?” it asks once more
“We do not decide the fate much less the names of our masters but you are an unique person” they all reply
“How do I find out?” I ask again.
“How would we know? Ask somebody that is in the room with you. Cry out. Make them answer you.” They all reply
I look about the room. There is only a mirror and a table. I stand up off of the ground and look into the mirror. I see some figures. Great I must be insane if I’m looking for people in a mirror.
I see a reflection that isn’t my own. I look back at them. What are they? What am I? Then I notice that I’m in one of those white dresses, you know those things that the “innocent” little girls wear in those scary movies. I bite my lip and look at the door…I wonder if I can get out of here.
“Then get up and walk over to it” the voices tell me
“Fine I will.”
I walk over to the door and reach for it. I walk out and down the hall. I hear some voices. “How did she get out?” one asks
“That isn’t the question we are asking! How did she find out about the door? She was saying things to herself and talking about voices. Why isn’t the medicine working?”
I run by and look around the corner. I see more people in white coats. I wonder where I am. I can’t remember a thing.
“Well seeing as how you could barely think at least one thought through it makes sense that you don’t remember anything.”
I run out towards the open door and pull it away from the frame. I stare in horror as the door comes off completely. I look down at my hand. Then I finally see it. I have a freaking bracelet on my hand…dang I really need to pay more attention…
“Well maybe if you had looked around like we said you should then you wouldn’t have missed it. Go on…read it. Tell us what it says your name is.” I hear in the back of my mind.
“Fine” I reply “it says…Echo…my name is Echo…I am also called ‘test subject 21’ what could that mean?”
“What do you think it means?” they all reply sarcastically.
“I’ll explain later we need to get out of here.” I mutter.
Then I look out of the door and start my trek out of this hell hole and on to civilization.
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Comments (4)

on April 11, 2014
Bro...i've explained this all to you...
on April 11, 2014
That's not tests lol
on April 10, 2014
I don't understand why she immediately goes back to him after what he's done... it doesn't matter that he said he loves her I guess its like every abusive relationship tests the only love u know so u confide in them and forgive everything
on April 10, 2014