Trapped with the Phantomhives part 2

Trapped with the Phantomhives part 2

This is the continuing story of TenShi, the new maid of the Phantomhive family.

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Chapter 1.
The Trancy House

The Trancy House

The next day Ciel got invited to a ball, by the Trancy Manor.  It was a formal ball, so Sebastian helped me pick out a dress. The only one the wasn't special to Ciel was a small pink dress and hat. It hung right above my knees. "Do you prefer something more your size?" Ciel asked, I sighed and said it was fine. When we arrived the manor was filled with gold. A young boy and man opened the door. "Come in, the ba-, well, your new, I'm Claude Faustus,  butler of the Trancy estate, and this is Alouis Trancy," He said. I replied with my name, "I'm TenShi, I am a new maid for Earl Phantomhive" Alouis came and hugged me "Oh your so cute!" He said smiling. Ciel glanced at him. "Well shall we be going?" "Young master we were invited to a BALL, not a chat." Sebastian replied. As we walked in I asked, "Do they have a bad relationship?" "Alouis wants to own Ciel, and Ciel wants to kill him." Sebastian said, looking annoyed. Alouis held my hand as we walked to the ball room. "You are such the cutest thing! I want to have the first and last dance with you!" He demanded. So I replied with a sigh, "Indeed." Me and Sebastian shared glances. Once I got a chance to dance with Ciel, it was more relaxing, and I was glad, of course he didn't seemed entertained, so I told him to go dance with Lady Elizabeth. Then me and Sebastian danced. We looked into each other's eyes and swept over the dance floor with grace, I glanced over to look at Alouis and he looked mad. At the end of the night I was the first one to go to sleep.  The next morning I woke up in a golden room. I looked around and I was in the middle of the ballroom.
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