When the Earth and the sun collide

When the Earth and the sun collide

Title says it all. Read to find out more. Better description coming soon!

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Chapter 1

Authors Note : Okay, so the first two chapters don't really have to do with the title, but around the third and fourth it gets more into topic.

~present time~

"How many minutes do we have? And I mean precisely."

"Two minutes 17 seconds."

"That's all." I got a quiet nod.

"Well then do it as fast as you can."


"Just do it."

For some reason life didn't seem all that important to me. Well at least not right now. If it meant saving other people's lives for mine, than so be it. I looked at the earth one last time and smiled, before taking my last breath. I would die a hero.

When the Earth and sun Collide

Chapter 1

I remember not wanting to go to school that day. It was my first day back and I really wasn't ready to hear my name being made fun of, or my clothes. Most people would want to see their friends, but I didn't have any. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I could see things others couldn't. They judged me because I was different, an outsider. It had never occurred to me that, that particular day I would meet someone who was like me. Who understood. Who was the outlier. Who had my back, or so I thought.

My mom eventually got me out of bed and in the car, she kept rambling about a psychiatrist, and how I needed friends. I just rolled my eyes and stared blankly out the window. “Hon, we're here.” Her voice was fresh, and I can still smell the mint toothpaste. “Good luck.”

I was in high school now. 14 years old, and a freshman. How life can suck. The hallways weren’t as crowded as you see on TV, with kids in every direction. They were actually pretty empty. “Hey you looking for a certain class?” I jumped.

“God, you nearly scared me to death...and yeah.” I smiled, to be honest I wasn't too sure if she was really there or not. “A-are you real?” She scrunched her face a bit before saying,

“Yeah, why wouldn't I be?”

“Oh, no I mean, most people have fake hair and all, and I was just wondering. You know what forget it.” Eying me a bit she nodded.

“ Names Savannah, everyone calls me savvy. Well my family. Don't have many friends.” She smiled warmly. It made me feel like she was like me.

'That makes two of us. My name's Olivia.” I extended my hand to the one that I hadn't even realized was waiting to be shook. “Nice to meet you savvy.” Maybe this year would be different, I mean no one new me here. I'd never moved, but this was a different school, and practically everyone else I knew went to the school closer to where we lived. I've always wanted to prove myself to everyone, but maybe if I can just start over it will be better. Maybe. Locker 87 was scribbled on a piece of paper and I needed to find it.

“My mom said you had a pretty bad time at your last school, I know what it's like. That's why I came here. The kids in class claimed I was crazy. I guess, you would be crazy too if you thought the world was going to end.” The what? World ending? Wow, never thought of that, not that into depth. Usually the worst I had ever said, was that Mr. Cummings was going to die at 67. He had called my mom and told me I was to never come over again. I was his daughters friend, as you can see that didn't work out. That's how it usually was. Somehow ruined. “When does the world end?”

“Not you too, just forget I said anything.” I felt bad I hadn't meant it like that.

“No really. When?” Then it happened, that voice in my head, started talking. Telling me. “The world will end on October 15, 2014, you, Aaron, Jason and savvy will survive. You will.” She sighed before and started talking, surprisingly the time as me. “ October 15, 2014,” Aaron and Jason? we said in unison. I stood there in shock, and so did she, fully processing what had just happened.

“ I- I've got to go. Your class is three rights and a left. Room 43.” She stated shakily.

“But, what about...never mind.” She then left. I thought I needed to get to class since, well I just did. Following her orders I got there and quietly knocked on the door. No one seemed to hear me, so I tried again. “Yes?” A skinny red head lady who looked like she was about 38 asked.

“ This is my class. Well that's what it says here. I'm Olivia.” I rushed out.

“ Well than come in,” she offered a brief smile, before stepping aside. I did too raising my eyebrows and folding my lips inside my mouth. Then I nodded. She whispered that I should introduce myself and take a seat. I skipped introducing myself and started walking to my new assigned seat.

“Olivia. Please introduce yourself.” She asked kindly, but gave me a look that meant business. I nodded and looked at the crowed in front of me. A couple of kids looked bored, and half asleep. But the others were all waiting to here my story. “ I'm Olivia, as some of you may have heard. That is IF you were listening to the previous conversation. I'm done.”

“ Come on can't you do better than that?” One girl asked.

“I could if I tried, but obviously I'm not trying.” I replied blankly. The girl looked a little hurt and then returned to her book she was reading. “I'm sorry, but I really don't like introducing myself. I honestly don't mean to hurt your feelings.” I apologized and walked to my seat once again.

“ It's fine,” I heard her mumble. She was quiet and shy. What some people might describe as a geek, but I'm not the type to judge so I'm not saying that she is one. I opened my textbook and started to scribble down some of the notes my teacher was saying. Eventually I got bored with the words of the teacher an started drawing on the paper on the glossed wood desk. “Ms. Herdsman? The answer please.”

“ No intention to be rude here, but to what?” I asked politely, before the room filled with roars of laughter. What was so funny?

“ The question Olivia. What else?” She replied, except she had sarcasm practically dripping out of her mouth. I had said I wasn't trying to be rude, and she just had to go all smarty-pants on me. Wow. Just wrong. She sat impatiently crossing her arms, waiting for a reply to come out of my mouth. “Well?”

“ Oh... well you could have meant a lot of things. For all I Know you meant why Is the sky blue.” Two could play this game.

“ Olivia you know what I meant. And if you didn't, which I highly doubt, I meant the last question that came out of my mouth.” She replied stepping closer to my desk.

“Well you should have been more specific then.” She gave me the harshest look in the world, and I was really  to consider the saying, “ If looks could kill.” How glad I was when the bell rang, I thought one of my body parts might just have gotten ripped off if I had stayed one more second. Plus the entire class was waiting anxiously to hear the next words and/or hit. I got up not wanting to be in that room any longer, only to be stopped by the teacher.

“ You may not know the rules yet, Olivia, but they're pretty easy to follow, and I expect you to do so. We, and especially I do not tolerate any disrespect, so let this be the last and ONLY warning. Am I understood?” I slowly nodded with gritted teeth. She was really ticking me off. “ Verbal answer would be more appreciated, please.” I debated with myself about if I wanted to say my wonderful comment or not. One that was pretty rude actually. I decided against it. So I manned it up and spoke.

“Yes ma'am. I'm sorry.”

“Good, now go to class and no more rudeness from you or you'll find yourself in a principles office.” She assured me. I simply nodded and walked back to my locker. “ Impressive.” I heard a voice from behind me say.

“ I'm sorry what?” I asked obviously oblivious.

“ Your comments with the teacher. You don't seem to care much about your reputation.” I shrugged. “ I'm Aaron by the way.” He told me nicely. “So..um what's your next class?” I shrugged again. “ Do you only talk to teachers or..”

“No, I just have to check for my next class hold on,” I reached into my bath and pulled out my schedule. “ Algebra, what about you?”

“Same here.” I nodded and smiled.

“So looking at my watch we have precisely 6 minutes to get to class, and me talking wasted about 30 seconds.”

“ Well then shut up and start walking.” He laughed and so did I. I grabbed his arm and started to walk/run. It was kind of interesting, the way every one was being so nice. I wondered how long it would last. Class was class, and boring. I feel like I already know the stuff, so why the need to do it?

Now it was lunch, I had two classes with Aaron and a class with Savannah , and I managed to get through Algebra, Chemistry, Spanish, and English. So I guess you could say everything was going well.

I scanned the tables, no one I really talked to anyway. That's when I saw Savannah, at a table alone and decided I should sit with her. “Hey So what's up?” I asked sitting down.

“Food,” was her only reply. “ I didn't say you could sit down, but go ahead and stay. I guess I need some company anyways. So how was your first day?”

“ I should be asking you the same question, but it was good. I met this guy. His names Aaron.”

“ Wait, you met him, like he talked to you?” She asked surprised. I nodded. “ Well I'm gonna tell you this now, don't trust him. He'll ditch you in a second, just don't. I feel for his trick once. Never again.”

“ Well I like him. He's nice.” What could be so bad about a bad about a sweet brown headed boy. “ He seems harmless.”

“Well He's not.” She snapped. “ Listen I know, maybe you'll just have to find out the hard way.” She got up and left the table, heading towards the bathrooms. I could have sworn someone was behind me. “Hola ¿Cómo estás,”

“Bien, supongo. Es sólo que no quiero estar en la escuela por más tiempo. Como de costumbre.” I told him truthfully.

“ Sorry, I have no idea what you just said. So could you rephrase that in English or french please?” I smiled. He really didn't seem so bad.

“ I said, fine I guess. I just don't want to be at school any longer. As usual. And you speak french. frais. That's about all I know in that language, so don't ask me to say more.”

“ Thanks I love french, it's just cool like you said. Anyways we don't have to stay here, we can uh leave. You know go hang out.” I considered it for a second before nodding. Only if I knew that savvy was right.

“ So where to first? There's not much to do. You know around here.” I asked.

“ Course there is, usually me and my buds, head around to the back of the mall, and smoke a couple.” He said a slight smirk on his face.

“ You what?” I asked. There was no way in heck I was doing that.

“ You know cigarettes, you do know what they are right?” I stared at him, chewing my bottom lip. “ You've never had one. Well then, perfect time to start.” He pulled out a lighter and a pack. “ One little try. I'll give it to you if you just try it.”

“ No!” I yelled. That's when he grabbed me.

“ Guess I'll have to shove it down then.”

“ Let go of me!” I struggled and finally got a good kick into him. Which made him fall to the ground in pain. “ I don't know why you did that or what for, but what I do know, is that when I say I don't want something I don't want it." I spat.

I was confronted by the principal the minute I got in the door. "And where have you been?" I looked at him, eyed eyes,and shook my head.

"I-I-I was a-at. Behind the s-school." I stuttered.  

" I think we should talk. Come with me please." I nodded and obeyed, slowly walking to the office. I really didn't feel like going, but I knew I didn't have a choice. I brought this on myself and now I had to pay the price. I breathed once again as we wintered the office.

When our talk was over I was notified that I had detention for a week, something I was not looking forward to. They called my mom as I waited outside.

I saw savvy walking down the hallway as I waved to get her attention. " Hey, what's up?" She asked.

"I got into some trouble. And you were right that boy is nothing but trouble." I told her.

"Told you so." She said smirking. "Well I've still got a class left and I don't want to be late." She stated.

It felt like a million years waiting for mom, but that's usually how it is when your waiting on something. "Let's go," were the only two words that came out of my moms mouth. I nodded. When we were in the car I slumped into my chair and hung my head. "I'm sorry." I apologized.

"The first day Olivia, really?" I knew it wasn't one of those questions parents were expecting you to answer, but I took the chance anyway.

" I know, I just don't like it there, I don't like high school. I mean can you blame me for that?" I asked.

" No I can't...not for that, but I can blame you for not staying in class. You have a brain Olivia, you're a smart girl. If you didn't want to go into school you should've said something."

" To who mom? You? Your too busy to care and all you do is stick me with some psychiatrist. Or wha-" I started to ramble on and on only to be cut of halfway through my rant.

" I only do that because I love you, and my clients need me too not just you." She told me.

"I'm not done talking. So as I was saying. Who else am I supposed to talk to, my dad? Oh yeah, that's right I don't even know his name, and he probably doesn't even know I exist!"

" I'm protecting you honey, by you not seeing him, it's for the best." I start to shake my head back and fourth. I don't understand what's so bad about him he's my dad.

"But he's my dad!"

"And he's my husband. What's the difference?"

"You knew him that's the difference! I don't understand what's so bad.

"Alot of things Olivia!!" There was quite a bit of tension in the car when she yelled. My mother usually wasn't that type.

" I deserve to know," was all I said before I cried quietly into my hands. She told me it was okay and I believed her it was but I did.

" I'll tell you when the time's right, I promise." We drove for a while before finally reaching our house. After all the tension that was In car got let by the opening of the doors, I still felt I had one thing I still had to say. "Mom," I whispered.

"Yes sweetie?"

"I made a friend."

"A friend?"
I nodded, " yes!" And she's awesome, took long enough!
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