Ghost Campbell: book 3: Sally gets possessed

Ghost Campbell: book 3: Sally gets possessed

In book 2, sally kills jessica. In this book, jessica possesses sally and tries to pay her back even more! How will she do this? read and find out. (you should read the books in order, or you might be a little lost.) lol

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Chapter 1.

The possession

Is Jessica gonna be dead forever? I mean, she was a vampire. So she may not be exactly dead. But I don't know, Sally thought.

Sally was walking in her house that she hasn't been in since before her heart disease. She felt chills. She was looking at the picture on

the wall of her parents. She could barely remember them. All of a sudden, next to the picture, she saw jessica. her eyes got wide.

Jessica was getting closer and closer to her. She smiled a creepy smile. Sally's black hair started blowing all over the place. she

screamed in terror. Jessica started touching her. sally screamed even louder.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!" Jessica yelled.

Jessica possessed sally and started to control her. she controlled her to take off all her clothes. she controlled her to grab a knife, and

go outside to stab herself. everybody stared at her while it looked like she was naked and stabbing herself in the chest... but no one

but her and Jessica knew she was being possessed.

Sally turned into blue powder, and all that was left was the ghost, Jessica.
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is this real???
on January 23, 2013
on December 28, 2012