This is a true short story about when I saw two strawberry plants in my yard that sprouted in late fall. A few days after that when they were killed by the frost, I felt guilty that I hadn't done anything and decided to write a story about my thoughts when it happened.

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Chapter 1.

Strawberries In Autumn

While I was walking home, I happened to glance to the side of the road at the strawberry patch that grows there, nestled between the asphalt and the brick wall that borders the walkway. The strawberry plants looked the same as they always did in late fall--dull, withered, and stooped by the wind. But among them, something caught my eye. Tiny, snow-white petals tinged with a hint of rosy pink, fresh on the leaves.
I couldn't believe it. Coming closer for a better glimpse, I realized that I was correct.
Two of the strawberry plants had sprouted, and had blossomed into two delicate flowers. Now the petals had fallen onto the strawberry leaves, and all that remained were the fuzzy stamens, coated with neon yellow and ready to be pollinated.
This can't be, I thought. Strawberries in autumn? Impossible. I glanced up at the drab gray sky, heavy with clouds, and shivered underneath my coat. It was going to get very cold.
Then the thought hit me like a rocket.
Those two plants would never live to pollinate.
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yea kind of lame, i know :(
That was, really really good. Like, great. Five stars for you.
on April 18, 2015
I liked it <3
on January 06, 2015
on October 23, 2014