Best Christmas I ever had

Best Christmas I ever had

This short story/narration talks about my best christmas I've ever had. Enjoy! I'ts not done yet, but how do you guys find it so far?

published on December 10, 20134 reads 4 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

It's Christmas!

I woke up one early morning feeling excited, it was christmas. As I looked outside my window, I saw a wondeful sight. The tree's were covered in glistening snow, and the christmas lights my neighbors had set up were shining bright. My favourite seaosn out of the four was winter, mostly because of the presents, but that is half the fun of why i'm so anxious about it. What christmas means to me is the gathering of families and close friends. We all get together almost every year to celebrate with food, cake, chocolates and apple cider.
The next thing that comes to my mind was the wrapping of presents and christmas trees. I was sitting at the fireplace helping my dad like always, handing him the ornaments and putting up christmas lights. I did the honours of wrapping the presents I got for my friend Jonathan. I decided that I would make the presents fantastic, with bows and ribbons, just to give him a slight suprise. I take the presents carefully to the christmas tree and slide them underneath. My dad called out from downstairs.
"Johnny would you come down here and help me?" he exclaimed. I didn't reply back though so I just ran down the stairs quickly, and at the last few stairs I jumped down. He handed me a chair, I stood there for a while. He handed me another chair. Now this was usal routine of getting ready for christmas. You know, we're rushing to get this done so that we can have time to set up table. After a quick jog up and down the stairs, we were pooped and rested on the couch for a bit. He put's his dusty hands on my shoulder.
"Good job buddy!" he shouted with joy. I smiled back and with my eyes wide open. I knew we will get this down before guests arrive, this is going to be the best christmas ever.
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