The Box Of Fear | Episode ~ 1

The Box Of Fear | Episode ~ 1

In a small town, west of Kansas a group of 5 best friends live happily. That is, until one mysterious night when the demon of man emerges. The demon of life..the demon of death...the demon of Fear. (Thanks to seippup12 for helping me to come up with the ideas! Check out her stuff right away!!)

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☠ ~ Friends And Foes ~ ☠

☠ ~ Friends And Foes ~ ☠

As the wretched storm got heavy and more violent, Emma yanked her hood up over her lank brown curls. She'd never seen weather like it, and she was actually glad she hadn't before!
The gloomy sky became more depressing as Emma hurried along the pavement, weaving in and out of crowds as if they were blocks of burning wood.
Just at that second, a loud 'BEEP' sounded from her jacket. She grabbed her phone, scanning the messages, oblivious to what was around her.
A smile emerged on her rosey face as she opened the text quickly.

Hey Emma!
Come over to my house for dinner, we're having bacon...SQUEEE! XD
Love, Diamond xxxxx

Chuckling to herself, Emma wrote back as quick as she could. Her fingers making a loud 'tip tap tip tap' sound against the buttons.

Hiya Diamond :) Sure, I'll come over, be right round in about 10 minutes! x

Shoving her mobile back into her pocket, Emma continued walking down the pavement, grinning to herself. Mmm, bacon!
As she approached Walflower Street, she noticed many police cars and ambulances surrounding the Jerfferson's family home. Emma became worried. Amelia Jefferson attended her school. Although Emma didn't know her that well, she knew Amelia and her family were true lovely and kind people.
Then, she saw a policeman standing briskly against police tape surrounding the front garden. Their front lawn used to be tidy, neat and full of beautiful flowers and toys. Now, the once bloomed flowers were drooping and dead, the grass was covered in mud and the front door was knocked off it's hinges.
"Officer? What's going on?" She asked, approaching the man as she broke in a fluster of worry.
"Mrs Fairclough found the Jefferson's murdered this morning, we're still finding out who did this." He told her, while rubbing his hands together.
Emma gasped, as a tear rolled down her cheeks. "Why would someone do this?" She whispered to herself as the world around her grew blurry and cruel.
The officer didn't seem to care about the murder.
"Mr Jefferson was in a lot of debt and he apparently flipped when he'd found out his wife had been fooling around with another guy." The officer told her, almost in a gossipy-kind of way. Emma was so angry. How could he stay so calm in this situation?
She couldn't take it anymore, and so she fled from the street. Emma herself couldn't figure out why she was so upset over some people she hardly knew.
Mind you, she'd always been one of those people who cared too much.
After the incident, Emma suddenly remembered she'd promised to go to Diamond's house. She'd have to explain why she was almost 13 minutes late!
The only ways to get to Diamond's house was through Walflower Street (there was no way Emma was going back there!) and through an old alleyway by the side of the local arcade.
Emma rubbed her dripping eyes on the side of her sleeve and took a deep breath.
'It'll be okay.' She told herself as she set off towards the arcade.
It was deadly late now. She'd be at least 30 minutes late by the time she got to Diamond's. But, Emma being the brave girl she was, sucked it up and decided to carry on.
Once she'd finally reached the entrance of the alleyway, her feet were aching and her head was hurting. It made her want to cry even more.
The sight of the shortcut was not very pleasant at all, Emma could barely see into the alley. It was light by only one small bulb which was flickering slowly. She could just make out the shape of the gate on the other side and decided to just be brave and enter the shortcut. As soon as she stepped foot into that place, all was deathly silent.
This made Emma even more nervous.
Pulling her hood up higher, she swore she heard footsteps behind her. But, Emma couldn't bring herself to turn around. I mean, would you?
That was when she heard a voice. This voice was very real indeed..
More footsteps..
"I am the Demon of Man.."
Louder footsteps.
"I am the Demon of Life.."
A trickling sound, followed by rustling.
"I am the Demon of Death.."
Emma shut her eyes, praying it was just a dream.
More like a nightmare!
"I am the Demon of.."
Emma felt something brush against her feet. She screamed, running to the gate, and stupidly, she tripped over her own feet, whacking her chin against the ground.
Blood trickled down from her face, forming a pool of blood in front of her.
"I AM THE DEMON OF FEAR!!" She heard the voice scream, cackling like a witch. The noise coming from all directions around her.
"Do you fear me?"
Emma screamed, putting her hands over her ears.
That was when Emma rose from the ground, sprinting away, willing herself not to look behind.

If Emma had looked behind, she might have just seen a dark figure crouching in between two dustbins…
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AMAZING!!!! I read all your stories! I check EVERY DAY to see if theres a new one! make part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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