The Tall Black Suited Man~Finished

The Tall Black Suited Man~Finished

Read this spine chilling fictional story about a tall slender man. Wait, is it a "Man" exactly, what is it? Read and find out.

published on December 07, 20139 reads 9 readers 0 completed

The tall slender man

It was a cold morning, the wind was whistling and I felt snowflakes touch my pale face. My car was stuck underneath a pile of snow. I felt anxious and nervous, I was just heading to a small town for a pickup. The car crash was simply horrifying and I couldn't remember a thing. The bleeding of my forehead is most likely the cause of memory lose. I was boggled with confusion, what was more terrifying? The car crash and my devestating head wound, or that unexplainable creature I witnessed. Either way I have a much bigger problem. The hood of my car is wrecked and my engine is down. As I sit in my car, the blood on my forehead trickles down on my black cargo pants stained red now. I unbuckle my seatbelt and my seatbelt whips past me like a snake. I open the door and piles of snow topple in on my lap. I swish the snow off with a quick sweep. The urge to get outside and feel the breeze, finally, I crouch down and crawl out. I let the scent of nature fill my nose, then it happended, strange occurances with the weather and supernatural apperances. The wind was blowing hard as if a man just sneezed a great sneeze. The snow was twirling all over the place like a graceful dancer. My vision was slitghly faded, that tall figure of a slender man stared at me from a far. I wouldn't exactly say a man though, it had a tux with a tie and had no face. He was emotionless. But judging from his appearance of a "man" he was way to tall to be considered friendly. Suddenly his tentacle like branches shoot out from his back and he vanishes out of sight. I was terrified more than you would think, this is a not what I expected to happen. He was no where to be seen. I firmly put my hand on the tree, I cough and sneeze feeling a little bit drowsy. I collapsed to the ground crashing into the thick layers of snow feeling sick. Cough...cough...cough. The trees moving side to side, my ears, everything around me is getting louder! It's unbearable! My stomach, headaches! It was painful, I didn't know what was going on with my head and my eyes.
"Someone, anybody please if you can hear me help!" I shouted in fear.
This is the end of the line for me, i'm way to cold to move and the multiple symptoms are acting up more. I can't breath. I gruesomely start to bang my forehead on the tree, blood drips, pouring out onto the snow. I violently start to pull my ears till they rip, blood pours, it drips. I am coughing blood.
"Someone help me please!!!" I screamed my lungs out.
"I'm dying of pain!!!"
"Please anybody, what, no don't come near..."---End.
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