the deadly phone call

the deadly phone call

a 14 year old girl name izzy movies from her home town and now is forced to live in a cold place called St Charles everything was great in tell she started getting a deadly phone call will she find out who is calling her or will be murdered comment if you think it was I good story and if I should do another one

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Chapter 1.

the big move

Izzy I am really going to miss you I hope you come back to see us soon Izzy picket up her old brown suit case and throw it in the back her red hair blow In the wind she turned and looks at her friend Owen  I am going to miss you too hope you do ok in school he  smiled his rose cheeks reminded me of a snow man he is  fat and tall he has blond her and black eyes he  always wares a shirt that has a Canada blue leaf with green shorts I am different  I have red curly hair green eyes and creamy whit skin I were I green shirt and a skirt come on  Izzy get in the car we don't have all day said dad he gets really stress when we travel I I give one last hug to Owen then get in the car his smile was no longer there I felt I pinch on my arm ouch it was my little brother he giggled and said what going  to miss your boyfriend he is not my boy friend he is my friend sure he is I took a nape hoping we will be there soon here we are new home a woke up felling drowse and warm the house looked new and really pretty the paint was blue and white there was no cracks in the roof like are old house and what was really nice about it is it is close  to the beach we all hoped out hoping to get in side and settle in ok kids get in side and go pick out your rooms dad said  as he was  unloading the stuff I ran in side the house was beautiful the stairs were  across from the door the next room to my left was the living room and  to my right was the kitchen wow a ran up stairs to see what rooms are there still left before my annoying brother took the best one ther was a bedroom at the end of the hall  to my left and a bathroom to my right I did int want to be near the bathroom so I pickt the one to the left hey this is my room sis get out I smiled not any more it isint I throw his suit case out  and then pushed him out hey sorry then I slamed the door shut
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