My Life (6)

My Life (6)

This is a story about my life marrying a really hot guy named Damon Salvatore. Damon Salvatore- Blue eyes,brown/black hair, cute smile and really really cute and hot Katerina Green- brown long wavy hair, brown eyes, cute smile and really really cute and sexy

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Chapter 1.


"Father, I don't want to marry a total stranger that I know nothing about!" I say, god sometimes my father is really annoying. I think that he doesn't even know his own daughter. I run out of the room just in time to hear him say to my younger sister
"Your sister needs to marry Damon Salvatore, to save this family. Your mother has already left us with nothing!"
Unwelcoming tears run down my cheeks, why does he have to bring my mother into this. True she left us but she wasn't thinking straight but now my father wants nothing to do with her so I can't even go and see her even though she is my mother. I sigh and get changed into my running clothes, grab my phone with the headphones already plugged in, tied my hair up and jogged downstairs. Just before my feet hit the bottom stair I heard muffled voices coming from the study room and then I heard my name being mentioned. Crap my father is talking to Mr. Salvatore. Double crap. I knock on the door of the study knowing not to just barge into the room.
"Come in." Said my father, I walked in and went right to my father. Hugging him I said
"Father I am going for a run."
"Okay sweetheart but dont be too long" Smiled father. Walking to the door I bumped into a really tall, dark and handsome guy.
"I am terribly sorry!"
"Katerina, this is Damon Salvatore"
"Nice to meet you Mr Salvatore" I ran out the house before I could hear his response. Why did he have to be so damn handsome. I ran until I was at least 2 miles outside Mystic Falls then just let all my emotions out and cried my heart out.
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on March 18, 2014
So cool
on March 13, 2014