The life of a Magical Being

The life of a Magical Being

This story is a story of my life but of many lives. It has many places you have never heard of, and stories never told until now. THIS IS NOT A TRUE STORY!!

published on November 30, 201321 reads 10 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.

Chapter One: The Creation

Ah, the creation of the Three. A moment of pure magic! Only three creatures can do this. They are known as Alpha Zawbre, Grehamb Daequav, and Omega Zipzap. This is my story. At the time this story is being made my name on Earth is Brendan. I have the power to control dreams and visit other peoples' dreams. In my last life, I was Chelsea. Back to the creation, Alpha was created by combining crystal, air, and light. Grehamb was created by combining stones, water, and shadows. Omega was created by combining sun, moon, and dark. They each have one third of control over the world, so they must get along or see Earth's and Starlite's end! Luckily, they are getting along in the world.
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When I read that it's Ariana Grande fan fiction I nearly screamed
on December 10, 2013
This is Ariana Grande fanfiction.
on November 30, 2013