A Long Wait

A Long Wait

This story is about a girl. Her name is Juliette. When something terrible happens, and she is in a wonderful place, She wonders if her best friend will come join her, too.

published on November 29, 201344 reads 13 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.


I awoke. "Juliette, get to school!" I jumped out of bed, grabbed my ribbon and tied up my hair into a French braid. My hair is golden blonde, and everyone thinks I'm perfect. I can play violin, I can dance, and I'm a well- behaved child with excellent manners. But who cares? Everyone. Except my best friend Claudia Brooke. She doesn't care if I'm perfect. So I pulled on my magenta sweater, gray pants and purple boots. My hair is hitting me on my back as I go down my stairs. I sit on my favourite chair, next to my sister Katniss. She is 3 years old and can only say my name. Julie and Ette. Not Juliette. I rush out of my house to catch the bus. "Wait!!!" I shout, but the bus has already left. "Wait!" I hear another voice say. "Claudia!" I say. "Late again?" She asks me, sitting on my lawn. "Yeah." I said. "That's ok, we'll walk!" Claudia said popping up. So we started.
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Comments (1)

Kinda cool. I don't like the suicide part though.
on May 11, 2014