Melody is a young house cat with everything she could ever need. Yummy food, fun toys, loving owners... But she thinks that there is more to this world than being pampered. Follow Melody's journey as she struggles to survive without the help of humans, and see her grow into a noble and beautiful cat. But how will it end? Come find out in 'Pampered.'

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Chapter 1.

prologue ;;

Two figures stepped out of the car, into the rainy November day. They walked, hand in hand, towards a large green door on a large wood building. Slowly the door opened with a slight creak, revealing a musty lobby, complete with chairs and a front desk. The figures headed towards the front desk. One, a woman, smiled at the front desk woman politely. "Hello," she said. "I'm Mrs. Finnegan." The front desk woman stared at her, a defeated look on her face, as if she had been sitting there for so long, she couldn't remember why. "I'm here to adopt a newborn kitten," Mrs. Finnegan said. The woman nodded slowly, jotting something down on her notepad. She picked up an old gray cord phone, and said in a monotonous voice, "We have a couple here who would like to adopt a kitten." Silence. Talking could be faintly heard from the other end of the line. "Ok," the woman said. "Bye." She looked at Mrs. Finnegan. "Someone will come for you in ten minutes," she said. Mrs. Finnegan smiled cheerily, excitement shining in her delicate hazel eyes. "Thank you!"
Soon, ten minutes had passed. A lovely lady in a white dress entered the adoption center lobby through a door next to the front desk. "Are you the couple planning on adopting a kitten?" She asked quietly. The other figure, Mr. Finnegan, stood. He smiled. "That's us." His voice was deep but soft, like distant thunder. The lady smiled. "Right this way!" After going through what seemed like an endless maze, the three people ended up at a large white door. A sign hanging above read: CAT ADOPTION CENTER. The lady pushed the door open, revealing an intricate jungle gym that was literally covered in cats. Cages lined the walls on one side, and litter boxes lined the other. Toys were scattered around the large room, and the meowing could be heard from outside. The lady opened another door, which lead into a quieter room. It was small, with square beds covering most of the area. Mother cats lay in those beds, with baby kittens next to them. Some of the kittens were already romping around with each other, and others didn't even have their eyes open yet. The lady smiled. "Go ahead and choose." The Finnegans stepped forward in wonder, looking over each kitten. Mrs. Finnegan's eyes immediately locked on a lovely gray mother cat, speckled with black. She stepped forward, her husband beside her, looking at the three kittens the mother was laying beside. Finally, she gently stroked a beautiful silver kitten, with a white muzzle and white paws. Her eyes were not yet open, but she let out a sound like the coo of a dove. Mrs. Finnegan's face softened, and she said, "We'll take this one." She turned to Mr. Finnegan, brushing brown hair out of her face. "Let's name her Melody, a new joy to our world."
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