The war of Art (1)

The war of Art (1)

the beginning explaining most of the story is in this link

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Ch. 2 Life as an Artist

  Myself and all the artist's in my group live in a redwood forest that grows over the ruins of i think San Francisco. We live in tree houses connected by bridges, it feels safer to live above something instead of being vulnerable on the ground. The war is still trying to find us but we are hard to find, we  created a growth syrum to make the plants grow taller and thicker so we are even more hard to find. once in a while we hear gunshots but not often. we dont only create pictures and drawings we are really good inventors and scientists. We have a lot of crazy weapons and architectural designs. we have lots of scientists that make weird creations that can alter the way you look and what color your skin, eyes, or hair is. I liked the idea of it so my eyes and skin are tainted purple while my hair remains brunette with a purple streak.  Although I have so much great things around me I cant help but think about whats outside of my little world and what my life would be if the war never happen.
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