my fantsy life

my fantsy life

Story of, well... my fantasy life. Features, Rory from my babystitters a vampire, one direction and possibly more. Oh and there supernatural. Enjoy!

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Chapter 1.
shooting stars

shooting stars

My dad had just finished yelling at me so I got two blankets and a pillow and went to our back yard. I laid one blanket on the chair, then the pillow, and layed down covering up with the other blanket. I laid there for a while watching the stars and making shapes. When suddenly I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I looked to the right slightly and saw a shooting star. " I wish for something to happen that will get me out of here" I said squeezing my eyes shut. (All that was true now to the imagined part) I layer there untilled I eventually fell asleep. Only right before I did I saw someone, or something jump over my fence.
I was on a train, littalary ON. I was terrified. When suddenly I felt arms wrap around me tightly. I turned around and the only thing I saw was two glowing red eyes.
*End Dream*
I will up with a jolt, but didn't open my eyes. I could tell I was being carried bridal style(or cradle style. SAME THING!) also wind whiped across my body fast. I gripped on to who ever was carring me and drifted back to sleep.

Rory's P.O.V
I watched her a she drifted off to sleep. Her hazel eyes reflecting the stars and moon perfectly making them brighter. Just then she sat up a tear in her eye. "I wish for something to happen to get my out of here."she said cringing up her nose and squeezing her eyes shut. As she did this I saw more tears slip down her cheeks as she bit her lip and layed back down.
she fell into a deep sleep and I went over to her. I stroked her still wet cheek. She stirred slightly but stayed sleeping. Then i remembered her wish. I smiled to my self and picked her up. Then began running, I ran half way to my house when she tighned up and wrapped her arms around my neck, squeezing me tightly.

( A/N: what do you guys think should I keep goin?)
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