Once upon an apple

Once upon an apple

Hi i'm Apple Swan I come from royalty and have a exiting future ahead of me want to find out keep on reading!

published on November 18, 201314 reads 5 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
A big bright apple

A big bright apple

I'm Apple Swan I was born near a lake where my families swans swim they didn't know what to name until I saw a big bright apple I loved the apple so my parents named me Apple I also looked at the swans swimming and so they decided my name was swan Apple Swan! My story begins at Forever After High School where I learn how to be the future queen on fairytallia, when I first opened the door I bumped into a girl "Hi Princess Apple i'm Bird Raven bird." She said "Hi i have a question Raven why aren't you in royal clothing?" I asked. "Well its because i'm not a royal like you I'm a rebel my parents aren't royalty!" she said "Oh well oh no its first period i got oh lets see princessologuy eeee supers!" I said " I have nature walk hex ya later!" she said
"I wonder if shes my friend? Oh well even if she is i'm still going to make lots of them!" I thought in my head
Want to learn more wait till the next chapter comes out bye!
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