The secrets of Dark Magic

The secrets of Dark Magic

This is a lord of the rings fanfiction me and my good friend Cereatook12 role play :) Not along these lines exactly but its a role play story xD enjoy and dont forget to tell me how you liked it :3

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Finding The right path

I laid there, still in the bright green grass of the forest. Resting from the long journey it took to get to my destination. The great kingdom of Dragose. The kingdom of my kind. The Elves of Mithria. I was sent away by king Adorath as only a small infant. He believed that it was the best way to make me grow up a strong warrior, a fierce opponent. My name is Zairaidie, Zairaidie Bellator. Since my childhood I have faced many challenges. Loss, suffering, near death experiences but also friendship. I may not have been looking for it but the reality is its always great to have a friend, some one you can rely on, some one you can trust and share; Stories, laughs, secrets…

Chapter 1                  Finding the right path

- Run! I turned back laughing. Me and Cerea had pissed of a few men from the tavern. Not the brightest idea we ever had. But one of the most fun moment of our lives I guess you could say. We ran as fast as our legs could take us. Pushing most people out of the way while nearly tripping over others. We both laughed as we sprinted away. Eventually we ran into the forest that was near by. Dodging every tree I spotted an opening.  Ahead I saw it was a cliff, a cliff that lead straight down to the ocean. The perfect escape. Well for me anyways. I’m not so sure about the hobbit.
- This way! I indicated the cliff to her.
- Sounds good, But I cant swim as well as you! She yelled back nervously.
- No need, I’m not that weak, I can drag you.
She nodded in agreement. As the cliff drew nearer the farther it felt. Eventually I reached then end of the road with Cerea not to far behind. I took a breath and threw my self off head first plunging straight into the water. At the top of the cliff, Cerea was hesitant of the 500 feet drop but the men chasing her quickly changed her thoughts and she jumped in after me. I swam up to her and guided her out onto the shore. I stood up placing my hand on my forehead to block the sun, I saw the men, They were walking away. I laughed.
- Look there leaving they gave up!
Cerea squinted her eyes and looked at the top of the cliff.
- I don’t think so… Run!
The men ran back to the edge of the cliff plummeting into the deep water.
- Oh, Shit! We both bolted into the woods behind us. The men, still chasing us were now furious. We ran a few miles along the shore line then darted into the forest. We ran deeper and deeper into the forest. A few miles north, then a few south. They were still on our trail. We ran faster, both panting.
- This is the most fun I’ve had all week! I smiled at Cerea.
- Same here, Besides the time we went to that party. I got to see Pip and that was amusing. All the foods and the music in the air…
- Ok Cerea. I was there I don’t need a play by play. My grin turned into more of a smirk. She rolled her eyes and our legs finally wore out. We both stopped for a moment to catch our breaths, Sadly that was not the only thing that was caught at that moment. The men darted up behind us, Both of them breathing extremely heavily.
- So you too thought you could play us? Do you know what we do to thieves?
We looked at each other then back at the men that were now holding us hostage. They both whipped out a sword from under their belts.
- Whoa, whoa. There’s no need for war!
- Cut the elf shit! One of the men snapped back at me. I smiled innocently at him:  
- Your right, But I’m not only an elf. More a warrior, a refugee. Some one who is extremely skilled with a blade, bow and arrows, magic. I smirked and threw a dagger and it hit him in the shoulder.
- Nice going Zair! You just pissed him off worse! Cerea grunted at me.
- Sorry but really need to be going! I say kicking the thug that held Cerea back. He fell to the ground.
- Run! I yelled and we both bolted once again.
- Does this ever end. My friend complained.
- Soon enough, I hope. I mumbled the last bit to myself.  We kept running once again. Until eventually I ran into a man while I was looking back at the thugs chasing us.
- Get out of the way! I yelled at him but then looked up at his face. He was an elf. Like me. He was a tall man, a tall pail man with blond hair and bright green jade green eyes. I pushed him out of my way to try to take off but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back
- Who are they? He asked looking at the men who were approaching in rage.
- No one its not important.
- Well they looked pretty angered. There must be a reason there after you to.
I sighed in a matter showing we didn’t have much time:
- I might have pissed them off just a little.
Cerea laughed unimpressed.
- A little? You stole their money while they were turned around! You robbed them! There not just a little angry! There as angry as angry gets!
The elf looked me in the eyes:
- Why would you do that? He tilted his head. He raised his arm pulling off my dark hood from my cloak.
- Your, you’re an elf? Tell me why you would bring like this upon your self?
I sighed once again looking at the dirt path we were standing on.
- I needed the money! I’m a refugee, Traveler.. I have no destination! The hobbit is my only friend. She accepted joining me on my never ending quest. He looked a little more understanding now. As the men drew near he pulled out a bow and arrow.
- Whoa! Did you carve that yourself. He looked at me and then shot. I didn’t hit the men but was good enough to give them a good jump. I smirked as the grown men got scared. I pulled out a few daggers and whipped them in their direction. Hitting the trees around the thugs scaring them more once my last dagger skinned one of the guys heads. The elf looked at me smiling.
- Your really good at that!
- yea yea.. What ever buddy!
Cerea had climbed a tree and hid. I saw here in the tree above us and got an idea.
- You! Elf man! Climb in a tree and hide, Ill distract them!
He had a look of confusion on his face but tending to my order.
  He had a look of confusion on his face but tending to my order he climbed the tree closest to him hidding in the leaves.
I stood my ground. As the men came up to me. Creating a small orb of light in my left hand. If they took a step closer. I could scare them off. The ball of light in my hand became bigger and
The men slowly approached with cuts and scars on their faces. The man that was on our side couldn't help but he threw a stone hard at one thugs head. He was knocked out cold. The other he hit the tree right beside his head. Angry enough the man looked around to see who had shot that he looked up and the elf smiled. He jumped down smashing the last man on the head with his bow knocking him out also. I scoffed at the man who had knocked my opponents out cold:
- What was that? I could of had them!
- I couldn't let you get hurt! He tried to comfort  me:
- I didn't need your help! I was raised by rangers! I live in the shadows! I got furious with him and push him back by hitting his chest with my index.
- You look so beautiful and delicate tho. Your a ranger and you have magic. But your an elf? I nod answering his question. Ignoring his compliment.
- Are you two lost lovers done yet?
Cerea interrupted our argument.
I laughed:
- Ha! Me him? Lovers! Don't make me laugh hobbit!
She climbed out of the tree and stood beside me.
- You'd have to be insane to love her! The pointy eared freak pointed my way.
- Oh you didn't just go there!
I snap angrily:
- Ha even if we were in a relationship. I bet I'd be more then man than prissy elf lord over here.
He sighed:
- Why are you being so stubborn?
My emotion of anger drifted away and I felt sorry. He was right I was being stubborn. Even if he ruined my battle... He did save me. I mean what if my blast wouldn't have scared them enough? Whoa! No! Zairaidie focus!
- Im sorry. I bowed to him.
He grinned stating that the argument had taken its end.  He put his hand out so I'd shake it. I walked up to him closer and hugged him.
- Might as well do the damsel in distress if we're gonna do this by the book. I smirk and back up a bit and then he pulls me close:
- So am I your Prince Charming?
I get close enough to kiss him:
- In your dreams! I smile and walk back to Cerea.
- Maybe I will dream that. He said back to me in a teasing voice.  I laugh and hit my face with the palm of my hand.
The night grew upon us. The elf man went out a grabbed some wood for a fire while I sat under a tree beside Cerea:
- Who do you suppose he is? I asked her
- I’m not quite sure. She looked at me.
- Think it’s a good idea to keep him around? I looked off into to distance.
- Not really. But I guess if we ever needed his help it would okay to have it.
I smiled and watched him walk back to the fire pit.
- That should last us most of the night. He told us laying down the branches and lighting them up to create warmth. He sat down on a log across from the flames and looked our way:
- I guess I didn’t introduce my self. I am Legolas, Legolas Greenleaf prince of Mirkwood.
A sarcastic grin spread on my face:
- You, A prince? Explains why your so delicate. I start laughing he pokes the fire with a stick and gets me back with:
- Well, you’re a ranger. Explains your stubbornness.
My mouth drops open:
- Well at least the not as sensitive as elves normally are! Ha! I’m lucky I grew up in war. I grow stronger every day.
He smirked and just poked the fire again. I grunted when I noticed he ignore my last remark. I stood up in rage and walked down to the water. Cerea looked at him a bit unimpressed. She didn’t move just closed her eyes and drifted to sleep. Legolas stood up throwing the stick in the fire and walked up behind me, Startling me:
- Thought rangers had no fears. He grinned
- I wasn’t scared. Just surprised. What do you want any ways?
I grimly looked him in the eyes and back at the black water. Arms crossed across my chest.
- I just wanted to make sure you were ok.
- Yea I’m fine. Now leave. I said my back still towards him.
- Come on. Its colder near the water. Just come back with me, ok?
I sighed in anger:
- Fine. He grabbed my hand and lead me back to the fire.
I sat on the opposite log then him. He got up and sat beside me:
- Do you hate me or something?
I showed no emotion, just stared at the flames.
- Not hate, Just don’t like you.
- Oh…
We were now both looking into the fire. Cerea still sound asleep behind us.
- We should get some rest. I shall take you two to your destination at dawn.
He stood up helping me up. I blushed lightly noticing he was really not that bad. He smiled and we walked to the tree closest to the fire and he laid down. I walked a few steps away and laid in a patch of grass. He sighed and looked at the stars. I thought to my self: I wonder what hes thinking about. Wait what if hes think about what im thinking about? Humf. No need for that. Why should I care. I need no one like him. There was a sudden twig snap that came from behind me. I jumped up and looked around. Nothing was there but I felt watched. Deeply watched. I tried to knock off the feeling and get to sleep. I just couldn’t shake the feeling. I looked back at Legolas who was still staring at the stars. I slowly crawled up to him and looked at him a bit scared. He moved over and let me lay next to him.
- This is nothing! Got it!? I just cant shake the feeling of being watched and id rather what ever it is gets you first.
He smiled:
- So you’d fell safer in my arms?
I looked at him angrily:
- NO! As I said that some one walked up behind me. I jumped on to him hiding my face in his chest. He laughed as it was Cerea coming to tell us something. She started laughing also. I blushes deep with embarrassment. I climbed off and crawled around to the other side of the tree.
- Oh come on. Admit it! You were scared…
He said laughing.
- Ok, ok! I was a bit spooked.
He smiles:
- Its ok to show a bit of emotions.
I sighed and crawled back around:
- Okay, its true I’m still a living being, I get scared like any one else. I just hate admitting it. It makes me feel weak. I looked down
He smiled and pulled me closer. I smiled back and laid down once again.
- So Cerea, What’s up?
- Well I have this feeling of being watched, Constantly watched.
- That’s odd. I felt the same that’s why I crawled over to prince charming over here. He smiled and put his arm around me. I hit it and he retrieved it.
She laughed:
-  I think prince charming over here likes you. He blushed and I looked at him awkwardly. I slowly crawled away again.
- Come on Zair I’m joking!
My eyes were still huge with shock:
- You better be!
- Ok ladies calm down. Clearly there is something out there. Both of you climb up the trees and get conferrable while I stay on guard. Legolas told us with no fear. The hobbit said nothing and quickly climbed a tree. I looked him in the eyes kind of scared for him I guess and he nodded. Giving me the signal that everything would be fine. I smiled and climbed up the big oak tree beside Cerea.
I whispered to her:
- You know how he took my last fight like this?
She nodded.
- Well its my turn. I took out my daggers and a few smoke balls from my pockets.
All of a sudden a single orc, witch was odd came out of the bush and darted at him. He raised his bow and arrow but before he could let go of the string I threw my dagger at the beast striking it in the heart. He looked at us in the tree and shook his head chuckling quietly.
- Oops! It slipped. I smiled down at him.
- I guess that makes us even? He said climbing up. I nodded.
He climbed up and sat in front of me. He almost fell of when I caught him and helped him regain balance. He smiled and went to sit behind me holding me close so I wouldn’t fall. Cerea made a fake gagging noise as laid down and fell asleep. He leaned back just a bit to get conferrable and I rested my head on his chest:
- Maybe your not so bad after all.
- Your not as stubborn as I thought. Your exactly what any lady should be; smart, beautiful, funny. He smiled and I closed my eyes drifting to sleep. He wrapped his arms around and before I fell asleep I whispered to him in Elvish: Maybe I do feel safer in your arms.
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