mystery of the boy 1 (an unexpected event continued)

mystery of the boy 1 (an unexpected event continued)

this story is when lizzie and emerald go on a trip to America and meet someone, someone who might just put their life in danger!

published on February 06, 20143 reads 2 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.

plane trip LOL!

"miss! Nicki is pulling my hair!" Larissa moaned
"tell-tale," muttered Nicki under her breath
"Nicki... come over here!"
"ummm, I-I-I cant miss"
"why not?"
"the seatbelt sign has just come on again miss."
"fine then but as soon as we get to America I need to talk to you." meanwhile emerald was sitting just across the plane aisle from Larissa and quickly turned her head to avoid the shouting that started to break out.
"emerald," murmured lizzie "are you ok?"
"yes darling, now go back to sleep. mum told you to sleep so you wouldn't get sick" emerald pulled her flight bag up to her chest and pulled out her ear phones she plugged them into her mp3 player and listened to queen for the rest of the journey.
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