House of Anubis Season 4 Part 2

House of Anubis Season 4 Part 2

Previously On House of Anubis: Everyone Has Come Back At Anubis House and Fabian's Love Nina, Has Come Back. But Then Fabian Realizes that there's something inside his Wardrobe. What Could It be???

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Chapter 1.
Chapter 1 House of Bad Returns

Chapter 1 House of Bad Returns

Fabian Slowly Opened the door Until He Found out it was Just Alfie. Fabian Sighed in Relief. "Alfie what is wrong with you?" Shouted Fabian Looking more Enthusiastic. "Dude Don't you See. I'm Evil" Replied Alfie. Alfie Took Fabian And Nina Started to Look For Fabian And Found Fabian In Prison. Everyone Swarmed Nina back and Found Out Everyone at Anubis House was Evil so then Nina Took Her Hair Spray And Sprayed all the people and they was good again. So Nina, Patricia, Willow and everyone else in Sibuna Gathered together and Reformed Sibuna. Meanwhile at Victor's Office, Victor was Staring at His Stuffed Bird Corbear and Talking to it while There was a big Flash of Black Energy. It was Senkara. It was Good Because Senkara was Standing Behind Victor.
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