Nerd Love Story

Nerd Love Story

This is the true story of me and my crush. :) The problem is he thinks I still like his friend, and I think I might... uhhg it's all mixed up...

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Chapter 1.
When We Met [Max]

When We Met [Max]

Me: Josie
Crush: Max
Other Crush: Trevor
     When we first met, we were in Earth Science class. At this point all I knew about Max was rumors and what I thought of him. For as long as I can remember, nobody really liked him, because my whole grade thought he was just showing off. He's really smart and always corrects people. Still does. But, I tried to see through that because my mom always told me not to believe rumors. And that's hard to do at my school.
     Anyway, I met him in, as I said, Science class, 8th grade. (In other words I met him for who he was last school year, 2012) My teacher put me behind Max and to his right was Trevor. I actually became friends with both of them that year, anyway. We started to talk to each other everyday in class, so much that the teacher told us to be quiet quite a bit.
     I started to like Max more and more everyday, and then came gym.
     We had to dance in couples, and learn dance stuff. :( But almost every time, Max came over to me when it was the boys pick, and I went to him for the girls pick. we to the test later and we tested together. (that means we danced all the moves we learned together) While we were dancing, we talked more about ourselves. And we eventually got to the subject of dating. (IDK how, so don't ask) It turns out neither of us could date until we were 16.

     Nowadays, 9th grade, I talk to him everyday. (Mostly in gym 'cause that's the class we have together)
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Um okay? thx for the input cuz this is bugging the heck outta me... :-&
on May 23, 2014
on May 23, 2014