Soul Eater - Last Night (I Heard The Screaming)

ONESHOT Got inspired by the song 'Behind The Wall' by Tracy Chapman, link here ---> This is written in a diary entry style.

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Soul Eater - Last Night (I Heard The Screaming)

Last Night (I Heard The Screaming)

Last night I heard the screaming. Some loud voices behind the shared wall of the apartment next to mine. It sounded quite violent for a while, and then it suddenly stopped. I don't think I'm going to say anything.(even if I wanted to, I don't know where, or who I'd report it to)
And after all, I am kinda new to apartments; Hell, The only reason I'm living on my own is that I got into a fight with my ex roommates that ended badly.
Which reminds me, Shinigami-Sama says he might have a weapon I can partner up with soon! And we had a surprise test today on souls...(I wish the teachers wouldn't do that!)
Last night I heard more screaming coming from the same apartment, I was walking by the door and so, was able to hear it clearer. Definitely a boy and girl, the screams sounded like they came from the girl, and I could hear the boy...Laughing? There MUST be something wrong in there. I'll try to talk to someone on this floor later, and see if this is "normal" here.
I talked to the weapon Shinigami-Sama was telling me about. He's a boy, decent height, with blue eyes and red hair. We met up for coffee at DeathBucks. He seems alright, but his eyes dropped down to my chest at times.(perv!) We'll met up again tomorrow, after school.

OK, I thought I was done writing for today, but no.
I talked to the Weapon/Meister pairing who live in the apartment a couple doors down, and they said the boy and girl has only been living together a week, and that the boy was known for having more madness in his soul, than most. And for that reason they haven't done anything, not really wanting the boy to go after them. I asked them if they would check, they said yes; but only if I was backup and would go in after them, if things went wrong.
And so I stood outside the door, as the Weapon/Meister pairing(whoms names I now know are Nygus and Sid) went in. They weren't in there for very long, and when they came out they just looked at me and said " We can't interfere with domestic affairs." I could see tears welled up in  the weapon's eyes.
Last night I heard the screaming, it suddenly stopped and I felt a chill in my soul. I preyed that I was dreaming when I saw the body bag  brought out of the neighboring apartment. A boy no younger than myself came out followed by two officers. The boy was hand-cuffed and held a blank look, completely unreadable. His white clothes were stained red.
A large crowd gathered and a officer said, "I'm here to keep the peace." The crowd dispersed soon after.

Well, I think I could use some sleep.

The police always come late, if they come at all.
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