the lost of souls~

the lost of souls~

about a boy who first started school and a girl is also in this. (can't tell you anymore you have to do it your self, By reading it ^^ yes it's A creepypasta edition! so i really hope you like it! Also! there might be other oc in here, So if you want to be in the story. Please do text me if do thanks!)

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Chapter 1.
Meeting "The Girl"

Meeting "The Girl"

"who is he? why is he here? Like theres other school out there you know," Said a girl i don't even know. The weirdest thing i've notice so far. Is that she is like maybe five rows behind me. But she can whisper? I CAN HEAR YOU! "you know he ain't that bad. He haven't blew up yet in class like that weird kid yesterday." the blonde headed girl right next to the other random girl who started talking about me. said. My eyes rolled back. Why can't they just talk about that weird kid that is picking his nose? "yeah you have a good point on that. You know what, I haven't seen him since he blacked out on the sub yesterday..." the random girl, made a face to add in with the "jazz" The blonde girl shock her head. "you know, i ain't liking this school at this moment. Everyone has been fighting and talking about fighting and stuff it's like so uncalled for." the blonde girl sighed. "maybe because we are broken people with things we can't fix, so that is why we take it out on others." said a girl with brown hair. The two girls looked at her side ways making. Even me feel uncomfortable. "did we ask you?" the random girl rudely added. I could tell there was about to be a fight. But the brown headed girl. smirked. "no, But your whispers are way to loud. If you was trying to keep it to your self. Than whisper a little bit lower hon." the Brown head girl whispered back. oh my gosh did she just?- The random girls eye borrows raised. "uh? who asked you about your stupid options?!" the blonde girl hushed her. "be quite! she ain't the one to be messed with!" she whisperd loudly. I smirked. shes right, you can't mess with "The Girl" you know? she seems dangerous~
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