The Claiming a demigod tale.

The Claiming a demigod tale.

Whos my godly parent read to find out. dun dun duh Mom or dad youll find out

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Chapter 1.

A Saytr named Grover

Hello my Name is Charleston you can call me Charlie im 15 years old and this is my demigod story. It all started about 3 months ago...
I was at school it was really stormy out and very cold I had just gotten to school when the new kid (Brover?) ran up to me and tried to get my attention but i was to busy looking at the kid named Eternity who was starring angrily at me I swear she was hissing. But Natiy pulled me out side to the breeze way, the new kid (Dover?) was pulled aside by a teacher. I thought Eternity was mad at me or something and wanted to talk but when we got outside she started to transform into a Gorgon "not another I mutter"(I knew because im a greek mythology geek) with corn snakes for hair. suddenly a cross bow landed in front of me i was lucky cause I knew how to shoot and sent that gorgon straight to tartarus. The kid came running out and tolled me he was taking me to camp. I asked if i could call my parents he said sure. He also tolled me was named Grover then he kicked off his fake shoes and showed me his hoofs. That was enough for me and i fainted.
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