House of Anubis Season 4

House of Anubis Season 4

A lady who just found out she was the chosen one too her name is fregernia and she is going to take over Sibuna!!!

published on November 09, 20135 reads 3 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
Chapter 1 House of Returns

Chapter 1 House of Returns

It's back to school time at the House of Anubis but old friends left the new beginnings Last Half Term is was two now THREE!!! Everyone welcomed each other back while Fabian was still sad about Nina But Then He Actually saw her coming out of the door. "Trudy" Shouted Nina in a Flash out of the door. "Nina You're Back" Said Fabian " "Yeah, Obviously I came last Half Term. Remember" Replied Nina. "But That Letter you sent to Eddie" Asked Fabian "I Don't Remember giving any Letter To Eddie I Never did Anything. I was Just Staying a Isis House." Replied Nina.
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