Niall horan imagine

Niall horan imagine

If your a big fan of niall and one direction it's worth reading this niall horan imagine so go on intrigue yourself read it like and comment

published on November 06, 201357 reads 29 readers 3 not completed
Chapter 1.

Meeting niall

You drive in to the local cafe to get a coffee as your freezing you come in with the snowdrops on your face melting as you enter the warm atmosphere you breathe in and out to the smell of coffee and smile. You go to the counter and ask for a coffee they made you one ready you thought awh how sweet!! As you turn around a teenage boy bumps into you and spills the coffee over your new dress. In a sweet deep IRISH accent you hear I'm so sorry my love as he blushed when u looked up it was a hot boy with blonde hair and blue eyes he said I'm so sorry I really am. When you realised how hot he was you forgave him and sighed don't worry it's fine he replied at least let me clean you up! You said ok then x he cleaned you up and said let me give you my jumper you both blush and then say awh! You go to the changing rooms and put the jumper on. He smiles and says you look cute you say thanks a tun for that what's your name he says you mean you don't know my name wow I'm niall horan and you? I'm y/n! Awh I love the name y/n! Thanks xx then you say well niall see the thing is I think your cute and I ... I ... Niall then buts in and says I want to date youuuuuu! You gasp and say OMG really he says yep winks  at you passes his phone number and said see you at 7 o clock precisely!
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Comments (3)

it was cute but can be a bite of dirty tought
on July 16, 2014
Thant was AMAZING an I really mean it
on March 01, 2014
Please can you comment tha ks
on November 06, 2013