Dear diary (1)

Dear diary (1)

This is my new story about a girl named Emma she loves to sing and dance please enjoy

published on November 08, 201327 reads 17 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.
best day in dance class

best day in dance class

Dear diary today was the best ever i was a little bored but who cares it was a dance class i wanted to learn hip hop but we learned stupid ballet i was so angry i almost punched the teacher in the face and at lunch i stole some kids lunch money then at math class someone asked me for the answers then in sports the popular kid hit me on the head with a ball gotta love high school NOT anyway as i was saying i went home like 5 hours later i ran to the kitchen got my laptop out went on face book talked to my besties well diary that's all i can say now
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Fred you were so nice
Not mean
I miss you
I see
Your ginger hair See More▼
on December 14, 2013