you got a...BOYFRIEND?!

you got a...BOYFRIEND?!

Jack and Lisa spies on Cassie after she gets a boyfriend...Will Cassie stay with the guy she befriended and loved?

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Chapter 1.


Lisa looked at the clock it was 4:59 and the class don't leave until 5:20.
Lisa: *Whispering angrily* Stupid science class...end already!!!
Jack: Psst! Lisa!
Teacher: *Turns around* Anything you two want to share?
Jack was a 445 pound 8th grade boy that loved to eat but he liked his friend Lisa and Cassie even more.
Jack:* looks up at the teacher and quickly sits down* No sir....
The teacher continued to read about cells.
The 14 year old Samuel (Aka Spike) threw a  paper ball at Cassie.
Cassie, The quiet, emotional and well behaved girl took the ball and read the paper.
The paper said this: Dear Cassie,
Your a stupid Emo kid and no boy likes you, GET A BOYFRIEND, REJECT!
From Spike.
Cassie looked back with tears in her eyes but Spike didn't feel ashamed, he laughed quietly but got his book and pretended to read as the teacher looked up.
Teacher: Samuel, are you on task?
Samuel: Yes teacher, please continue!
Teacher: *Looks suspiciously at Spike*
But class was over before the teacher could read more. Everyone left happy, pushing Cassie out their way to the door.
Cassie walked slowly with her hands on her face, like if she was crying.
Lisa: Oh boy, Cassie's crying again...I wonder why now...
Jack: LISA! SHUT IT! you're angering Cassie!!!
The 3 friends walked out as Lisa pushed the door opened and headed outside.
Lisa: It's not my fault she's emo...Jeez..
Jack: Don't listen to Lisa, she's just....hungry
Lisa: What? I'm not-
Jack: Shh!!! Cassie, what happened?
Cassie wiped her eyes.
Cassie: I'm a reject, no guy likes me because I'm a emo...
Lisa:'re not a reject, you're our best friend.
Cassie: But Spike said....
Lisa: Cassie! Grow up! Just because a stupid jerk says you're a reject doesn't mean you are.
Cassie: *Sobbing, then yells angrily* You don't know my life! I'm leaving!
Lisa: *Sighs angrily as she sees Cassie run off home* Why do I always look like the mean one?
Jack: I think it's Spike. He always bullies anyone he looks at.
Lisa: I feel so bad...Hey Cassie wait up!
Jack: Why do I even bother? Wait up Liz!
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