Life is rough

Life is rough

this story is about bullying its sad its my first story so please rate :)

published on November 04, 201329 reads 11 readers 3 not completed
Chapter 1.
The start of high  school

The start of high school

New school huh well i think this WILL BE FUN but i was wrong so wrong as i walk in i see everyone hiding there laughter i was thinking is there something wrong with my outfit i was right they was i big picture of Becky g with a silly face on i realized i was wearing my moms t shirt i was so embarrassed i ran too class and dropped my books i picked them up and i saw a guy looking at me i smiled he said hi my names Jake i said hi my names Skyler he said nice  name i blushed and walked to class i didn't know that i was sitting next to Jake as i sat down he said wassup  i said the sky's whats up he said YOU GAVE ME A IDEA i said what is it he said  im going to call you sky i said k *at lunch* i was looking at were to sit i fell my face was covered in cake i ran to the bathroom and started crying i was thinking I've had enough embarrassing things  happen could my day get any worse
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Comments (3)

Good story
on March 10, 2014
try using punctuation
on December 20, 2013
Good story. I hope you're making more chapters.
on November 07, 2013