Your smile and my gaze

Your smile and my gaze

I always look at you! Having a normal conversation with you and having our eyes meet was always my wish, admiring you is what i usually do! Remaining hidden, unseen and unheard is what i am best at because if i was discovered i would not know what to do... Follow Kyra Myst as she falls head over heels for her beloved prince!!! This is my first story, i have a lot of stories flowing in my head and slowly i will write them all, Read well and enjoy!!!

published on November 03, 201345 reads 21 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.
I saw you

I saw you

Kyra Myst, 16 years old and first year high school student at Autumn High Girls Wing! I entered high school today! Feeling nervous, tensed and wanting to puke at the entrance ceremony is completely normal for me because I hate going to school and lack the talent to meet new people and make new friends. I am good at speaking to people similar to me; shy and introvert at first but as you gradually know them better they open up more and are the loyal and best friends ever (this is how i am).
So on the first day i was not in shape at all! Once the speech of the student council president and the ceremony was over, everyone entered the respective classes. Days went by and they were all as monotonous as ever until the day i saw him: Shun Deryo... Hair as black as night, skin of a pale creamy colour and dark brown eyes with a streak of mischievousness in them, he was smiling among a group of male and female friends. As he was leaning against the wall, each hand loosely hanging on the shoulders of two boys, he bent his head forward and laughed with the others. Shun had a tiny earring on his left ear, it was really small but still noticed by anyone who would look at him.

Later, i heard he is the Vice president of the student council. Ever fact about his life made him unreachable...
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I liked it :3 maybe you should've made it a but longer
on August 17, 2014