First of all, this is by me. No stealing. It's a story coming from my rabid imagination! Hope you like it! Also, it's MCR themed. :P -E.C. the PyschoGirl

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Chapter 1.

Before the Sun Goes Down (Prologue)

It was midnight.

Shadows surrounded the buildings and the crevices in between. No one was outside.

The gate creaked open. A man with blond hair ran out of the old house. He called a cab. Something had heard him hurt her.

And it was angry.

He knew who it was, that black-haired man that his fiancé used to love...

Until he took her away.

Freaks didn't deserve anything. Especially not vampire-look-alike black-wearing men with weird armbands.

A cab pulled up, its tires screeching.

He got in, and gave a  wad of money to the driver.

The cab drove into the night.

The driver's eyes studied him through the rearview mirror.

"Where are you going?"

The man's answer was bold and commanding.

"Take me to Hendersonville. "

It sounded as if the driver was concealing an evil smirk.

"I'm afraid I can't do that."

The window opened, and the driver's black hair whipped in the wind.


Black hair. Cold eyes, red shadowed.

But that was the last thing the man thought before they crashed into the dark grey Volkswagen in front of them...
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