Never let go...

Never let go...

This is a poem/story about a boy having to leave for war but tells the girl ''Never let go''

published on October 29, 201318 reads 11 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.
Never let go

Never let go

The first time we met,
It talked to you yet.

As it got to lunch, I started to speak.
But, I fell to the ground. Was I weak?

We got together after that day,
I loved him the whole way.

As we got older, He had to leave.
I couldn't stop to smile, I had so much greave.

War had started and he had an offer,
The reward was one shiny copper.

I loved him to much to ever say no,
But, he told me to never let go.
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Comments (2)

on November 04, 2013
Sad but beautiful
on October 30, 2013