The normal life of Georgia

The normal life of Georgia

Georgia lives a normal life until she meets her first problems through out. Read to find out Georgias story of how she became a grown woman and some things that got in the way of achieving it...!!!!

published on October 28, 201321 reads 11 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.

Meeting Georgia

Georgia Barret is an 11 year old girl and is coming up to secondary school next week, she's worrying about what may happen being in year 7. She knew everyone would hate her, everyone would be taller than her and all of her friends would be talking about periods which she hadn't come to yet. As the week past, it was the first day of year 7, her heart was pounding as she stepped inside the huge hall and thought to herself ''This is where I'm going to grow up''
From then on, she waited and waited for her period to arrive but it never did.
               All of her friends were growing up and becoming a women but, NOT HER!!!!
One day, months after she had started, a new boy called Jake walked through the doors of her form room. Her eyes were immediatly drawn to him even when the teacher was talking, she blocked sir away!!
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Comments (2)

i dont know if i read it all :O
on November 04, 2013
That was a good story!
on October 30, 2013