The end to love

The end to love

In love and can't explain how much he/she means to you? Then read this story about young, Poppy who is in the same situation as you... TRUE STORY!!!

published on October 28, 201324 reads 9 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.

My first love lost

My name is Poppy Monro, aged 14, as soon as turned 14 i was old enough to do a bunch of things. For example: going out for parties alone and that is what i was about to do on June 16th. I was waiting in my bedroom for my friends until a knock came from the front door, I rushed down to find a young boy. He explained that he was also going to the party and asked if I wanted to walk with him. Instintly, I said yes and grabbed my jacket.
We were talking when this random girl came running up to him and gave him a hug. I t was his girlfriend! I felt heart broken for a moment, it was like I'd lost my first love.
                              I knew outside, he wasn't mine but inside he was.
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Comments (2)

Thankyou, I try my best. Just give me a title and I'll start one xxx
on October 29, 2013
I really liked this story.
on October 29, 2013