how to write your first song

how to write your first song

this story is about writing songs once you have read this story you will know how to write your own song and i bet you will be wondering why didn't i just make a YouTube video but I thought id make it a bit more special by writing this story hope you enjoy!

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Chapter 1.
part 1- what is the song about?

part 1- what is the song about?

when i wrote my first song it was a love song that's because I knew how I felt about someone at that time. That's the thing about writing songs you've got to know how you feel about what your writing so to write a love song like I did you would have to feel a lot for someone and you've got to know a lot about what you feel otherwise you might have a song that ends up being worse than the fox song (not a good thing) that's why i wrote that song Summertime madness (well i haven't actually wrote it but i know what im going to write once i do) yeah well see i wrote it about a guy I've liked for about 2 years and i haven't even wrote it yet! so Iv'e managed to collect loads of things about him that i like and cram it into a song pretty interesting isn't it?
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