A book about music

A book about music

This story is about music . Its really about music from anywhere . If you want to learn some new songs then read what's in this book?

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Chapter 1.
How they became famous?

How they became famous?

By having a personality, any personality. Without this, things won't go easy. You need to have a way of living! Work on your singular talent, whether it's cooking, acting, singing, writing, whatever. Try to reach the widest possible audience. Home made saucy videos and raunchy reality shows seem to be a good ticket. (Not everyone will be invited, but if you are - you're still not there yet). Get the best agent you can. Don't dive in with just any of them yet, but when you find a good one be loyal. That way you'll share the same interest - YOU. Hire a good publicist. You must be on front pages or inner covers. Always get a full page somewhere or a page where your mug dominates. (If you don't get this, forget the rest). Start anywhere and smile. Work your way up in circulation. Participate in cameos. Lend your face, your voice or both. Ads, Charity announcements and Feature appearances known to help. Monitor your popularity with polls and participation in Awards. (If you picked a good agent, she/he will help here big time). Work very hard and maybe you`ll become a celebrity! ;)
If you are trying to become famous or want to be famous check you've got all thse steps
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