Sonica meets dipper and Mabel pines

Sonica meets dipper and Mabel pines

Sonica has touched a blue dimond and has been transported to a new land. Also check out burnt diary,sonica meets mlp,sonica meets mlp part 2,and the tails doll,also search up the pinkie pie club all those clubs are by me!

published on October 16, 201315 reads 14 readers 1 not completed

What in the world

Sonica was In her house and saw a blue diamond. That diamond is the same coluer as my fur I should show this to tails. But when sonica grabbed the diamond there was bright flash of light and sonica was not in her house any more she was some where else! Sonica saw a billboard that said gravity falls. Sonica had transported to gravity falls! Sonica looked around a little bit when some people hit her with a golf cart. She had flew in the air,been hit by a billboard,and landed on the ground bleeding. Then sonica heard voices. Dipper what did you do? I don't know Mabel I think that bright flash distracted me. Then sonica could not here any thing and every thing went black. When sonica woke up she was in a bed somewhere in the attic sonica looked out the window and saw that it was night out then she heard voices.Mabel she may try to hurt you besides what is she?I don't know Dipper Mabey she came for a reason.Mabel that's a stupid Idea. Sonica said where am I? Dipper said wow you talk? *clicks pen repeadtly* Hello my name is Mabel and this is my brother Dipper what's your name? My name is sonica. What a nice name said Mabel. Sonica looked into her backpack oh no the diamonds broken I can't go back? *portal opens ans sucks sonica back to her own world*
The end
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Is this first person, third person limited or third person omniscient?
on November 16, 2016