pucca suicide

pucca suicide

I made this pasta so it can be cool and soon I'll be doing Aya suicide so hope you enjoy!!! (Aya is from Mad Father)

published on October 13, 201328 reads 24 readers 0 completed

Normal day turns into dead land....

It was just a normal day in Sooga Town Pucca was skipping with her best friend Ching "Isn't this fun?" Ching said Pucca nodded, Garu and Abyo was spairing like always "Hiya!" Abyo ripped his shirt off and attacked Garu, but Garu dodged the attack and laughed Pucca stopped skipping and tackled Garu with kisses!! "Awww!" Ching said "Yuck!" Abyo moaned....Tobe was thinking how to defeat Garu "Come on think!!" He yelled "Oh! What about a spell?" He grinned, his villain friends made him a spell "Mwhahahaha!" Tobe laughed. Tobe found Garu, Garu was standing on his stick, but Pucca was right by his house, Tobe accidentally tackled Pucca and made her drink the potion Pucca tried to break out but she couldn't! After that everything exploded after that came out a new Pucca "Oops....." Tobe said "wrong potion..." She looked dull with her hair down and ripped at the bottom, black stuff was running down her eyes,she had a knife in her hand her boots were also ripped at the bottom so were her sleeves "Hey guys uh, everything okay???" Ching walked to Garu's house Garu shook his head "Wasup?" Abyo tried to be cool, Pucca looked angry at Tobe she ran at him Tobe tried to flee but he couldn't Pucca holed her knife and grinned "Die...now.." She said and stabed him 10 times and he was almost dead she looked at her knife "Not enough blood...." So she stabed him 3 more times Tobe was lying there dead, blood was all over her face she looked at her knife it was full of blood "Perfect......" She smiled and licked it a couple of times Garu was suprised h-h-he loved her Garu thinked "How can I date a sexy girl like that??"

To Be Countinued.......
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