Waiting for a Thousand Years...

Waiting for a Thousand Years...

Once Upon A time, two teenagers fell deeply, incredibly, unbelievably in love... One day, an evil force whipped out the whole of their kingdom. Faith tore them apart, and on his deathbed, Angelique's lover promised, "I'll wait a thousand years for you..." And in a new life, now known as Reece, unlocks a portal to her home kingdom, a thousand years into the future... And there on the same deathbed, laying untouched, lies Marcus, her lover. Except, someone else has got their claws on him too.

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Chapter 1.


"Marcus..." I breathed heavily into his chest, shielding myself from the horror occurring around us. Screams and shrieks from people rose around me. "Angelique, stay calm," He whispered into my hair, his thumb brushing against the corners of my mouth, warming my chilled body. I dared take a peek, and then recoiled in horror at the ghastly sight behind Marcus.

Behind us, a vast black fog settled across the kingdom, and it was coming in our way. A whimper escaped my throat as I clutched him closer, fear in the form of tears slivering down my face. "Angelique..." he MOANED, HIS VOICE HUSKY AND DEEP. "...you KNOW WHAT I SAID ABOUT KEEPING CALM?" my ICY BLUE EYES MET WITH HIS WARM, TOFFEE BROWN ONES IN CONFUSION. "Well, just ignore everything I said and- RUN!!!!"

Clutching his broad arms, I ran, ignoring my whinging feet and soar, battered and bruised body. We both ran. As fast as we could. But that evil prescience manipulated our minds, slowing us down and crunching our every doubt. "Don't- Listen-" Marcus groaned, nuzzling my neck with his tousled, soft hair. I could feel my lungs filling up with horrendous thoughts of torture and pain. "Make it stop..." I cried in disgust as more sinister thoughts churned in my brain, whipping my emotions. He clutched onto me, straining under the trail of inhuman thoughts crushing any other thoughts. We both screamed and cried in pure fear, but the thoughts still filled up every inch of us, getting more and more the closer the thing got.

"Angelique..." Marcus stared at me with a sad expression, his eyes dying colour by the minute. I cupped my hands across his strong jaw, scared by his hopeless tone. "Marcus we can beat through this, our love, we can beat through this..." Marcus shook his head at me, his voice cracking as I leant in closer. "I'm just a worthless villager. I mean nothing." My eyes widened and I brushed my trembling face against his. "STOP! DON'T SAY THAT!" Marcus ignored me, staring at the ground as he tried his hardest to push the swarming thoughts away. "You are a royal, you can escape. This evil killed your mother, your father, all of your royal family. But it cannot destroy the final heir." Recognition sank in, but relief failed to come. "What about you?" His face twisted as nightmares of blood and gore surrounded his mind, stealing his insanity minute by minute like it was to mine. "Forget me... Just know Angelique, I will wait a thousand years for you..."
and That's when it caught up with us. Fear like never before racked my body and my heart thudded ten times it's average speed. As the black fog swiped my vision into darkness, the bone-numbing feeling of fear that washed over me was indescribable. Shaking, I reached out for Marcus's hand, but it was gone.

And then, my life was taken away from me. Or so I thought.
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Keep going!! I need to know what happens!!
on February 11, 2014
Carry on
on October 17, 2013
Ty. will do x
on October 13, 2013
This is an awesome story! Tell me when you have added more chapters
on October 12, 2013