Spectrum-Season 1: The Komencante (Beginning)

Spectrum-Season 1: The Komencante (Beginning)

I don't know what happened. All I remember is fire, pain, yelling, and a faint glow. But then I was in the hospital, and a boy with red hair was staring at me. The first words that began my new life were "So you have all the elements..."

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The halls were bright, the color of sterile hospital white. A young man & woman-a couple-walked anxiously down those hallways. The man was in his 20s, with crisp pepper & salt hair. He had sharp features and kindly blue eyes. The woman looked to be a bit younger than him, with soft features, creamy long nutmeg brown hair, and wide caramel eyes. They both had a tense air arond them, and both were holding hands tightly.
The couple entered a spacey room. It was a soft blue, with plush green plaid chairs and a rolling emerald rug. A young nurse stood by a silver drinking fountain. She had a crisp white outfit on, with raven-black hair and sparkling blue eyes. The nurse looked to be around 30. She walked up to the couple, holding a traditional wooden clipboard.
"Mr. And Mrs. Merigine, I presume."
"Yes." The man spoke for both of them.
"I'm Nurse Carrway. You can call me Mary." Mary smiled at the couple, then turned on her heel and headed for a pair of double doors. "The child is this way."
They followed Mary in more hospital-related hallways. Then she pushed open some glass doors, and they found themselves in what would be described as a playroom. It was a comforting yellow, adorned with pictures of bright, happy animals and full of cheery playthongs. A few children were messing with those things. Some were sleeping, others sniffling for their mothers. The only child with no emotion was a serious looking girl about 4. She had unusually silvery hair, and pale eyes with a tint of blue. She looked at the couple, sending tingles down their spines.
"We found her by the side of the road." The nurse bent down and tried to stroke the child, but she pulled her arm away. "The only thing she said was that she was kidnapped for a bad thing but then she stopped there." Mary looked at the child, then the couple with something like pity. "Is she the one you're looking for?"
Adam Merigine and his wife, Joy, nodded. Adam bent down and smiled at the child. "Hi there, sweetie. My name is Adam, though you can call me whoever you like."
The child didn't respond but looked startled.
This time, Joy spoke up. "Is there anything wrong?" She had a light, musical voice, a bit higher than her husband's.
The child nodded, her lips trembling. "I thought you would ta-take me away," she spoke in suprisingly good language. "Li-like the bad woman." Suddenly, she burst into tears and fell into the warm embrace of Adam's strong arms as he held her tightly.
Mary opened her mouth as if to say something, but Joy butted in. "We're not gonna hurt you, honey," she said in a honey voice. "You're safe with us now."
The girl nodded and squeezed Adam tighter.
Mary stood up and smiled. "All the paperwork is signed, so you can just agree to this form and then bring your child home." She held out a piece of paper covered with chocolate stains-recently fresh.
Joy took the paper, and read it, then gave it to Adam, who gently dislodged the child. The young girl immediatly ran to Joy and squeezed her legs. Adam handed the paper to joy, along with a black round pencil. As the new foster parents signed the paper, Mary took it and smiled at them.
"Ok, you are free," she bubbled and patteed the child. "Congragulations on your new daughter."

Joy drove the sleek black Porsche in silence as Adam cradled the now asleep girl. They sat there, processing what had happened, as dark trees and headlights sped them by.
Suddenly Joy spoke up. "What should we name her, Adam?"
Adam looked up, a bit groggy himself. "Huuh?
"The child, Adam. What should her name be?"
Adam sat in silence for a minute, then spoke. "Crystal. It's a perfect name."
Joy said nothing, but smiled in the mirror. "Crystal it is."
And Crystal rode home, in a bumpy car, surrounded by loving grownups who cared for her and would protect her for all her days.
Even though she wasn"'t really safe.
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I'll ake chapter 2 soon.
on October 22, 2013