love me or leave me ( Prodigy love story)

love me or leave me ( Prodigy love story)

Victoria and Prodigy have been married for a long time more than 5 years but prodigy is always drinking and beating Victoria up but what happen if she leave him will he change or will he just kept on drinking READ TO FIND OUT….. Categories: Romance and Drama

published on September 29, 20138 reads 6 readers 3 completed
Chapter 1.


hey my name is  Victoria Crippen, I'm married to prodigy crippen Jr. for 5 almost 6 year now. I'm 5'6, i have a dark brown eyes and my hair color is dark brown. I'm carrying a baby for prodigy but prodigy never treat me like a wife because his always leaving me  to go to the club n beating me up when he come back,  OH WELL HERE COMES TROUBLE

Victoria = v  prodigy = prod

v : hey baby, where did you go
Prod: why are you asking me some dumb question,  i dont need to tell you
V; well im your wife and you never treat me like a wife
Prod: well im your husband and i can treat you anyway i want because im marry to you
V: because you are marry to me does not mean you can treat me like a dumb person or your maid  
prod hit  her in her face and push her from him
v: u know im freaky prego and your pushing me and beating me everyday
prod: who cares, im the one who got you prego and i can make you lose it or keep because im the husband
v: i will never lose this baby because of your dumb self
prod hit her again and again
prod: u know wht im going upstairs and you better be right behind me or i will beat you like i never beat you before
v: whtever ( she were really bleeding )
victoria went in the bathroom to clean herself up
victoria thinking : why do i have to be treated like this, i always give him what he wants but now its too bad so im going to leave him so he should be by himself
end of thinking
prod: get your a** out of that bathroom before i come and get you
v: okay im coming
prod: well hurry  up.   
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Comments (3)

Hey I think you should write more pages and zokeina this is not boring it is amazing
on December 26, 2013
what do you mean boring??
on October 09, 2013
his is so boring come on people write more pages
on October 06, 2013