Aura (Also found on

Aura (Also found on

Amber is an alpha's daughter . When rogues attack she is forced to flee but as she travels she comes across her mate. Will he reject her , or will he love her as the moon goddess designed. Not to mention a couple rogues here and there Read about her story in aura

published on September 26, 201311 reads 8 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.


My name is Amber.

I was the daughter of the Alpha of the Moon Stone Pack, here in the US

Let’s just say having a Alpha Mate isn’t the easiest thing to have especially when you are now a rogue .

Amber Marie Stronis is a beautiful white wolf and when her pack is attacked by rogues, she is told to flee .

Doing as told she leaves her land , but unfortunately has to pass through their neighbouring packs and the largest in the worlds territory.

When passing she is caught. But as it turns out she is actually passing her mate in the process.

What will her mate Jay say .

Jay Thompson is soon to be alpha of the red stone pack and is sporty harsh and quite a laugh.

Will meeting his mate help him?

Find out in Aura
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Comments (2)

So cool! plz continue!!!
on November 05, 2013
check out picture in my gallery for wolves
on September 26, 2013