Kittens and Doctor Who (Fem!America x England)

Kittens and Doctor Who (Fem!America x England)

While Amelia is visiting Arthur's house, boredom hits her. What happens when Arthur introduces her to his favourite TV show? Based on a roleplay on Omegle. Human names used. One-shot but I split it into chapters to make it easier to read through. Suggestive content was removed, but if you want to read the full 'suggestive' one, message me and I'll link you to it.

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Chapter 1.

Kittens and Doctor Who 1

There was a quiet atmosphere in Arthur's house. Amelia was over and she was acting bored as per usual. He sighed. Sometimes it was hard to please her. They were sitting beside each other on the sofa, both seemingly thinking.
"So, Amelia… do you fancy watching TV?" Arthur asked, breaking the silence.
"Um, sure dude, you don't normally like to do anything with me."
"Well, how about we change that today?"
"Okay," she said with a confused tone. "Sounds cool, what do you want to watch? I've got all the Dark Knight movies, and the Spiderman movies and the Avengers movies... lots of hot guys Iggy."
Arthur rolled his eyes.
"I was thinking about watching Doctor Who, actually."
"Doctor Who?" She gave him a quizzical look. "Who's that? Is it from Marvel? Vertigo? DC?" Amelia glanced over to her extensive collection of comic books. Arthur sighed.
"It's not a film. It's a TV series made by the BBC. It's all about a man who's from a far away planet, but looks human, and saves the universe in his time machine."
"Oh, alright. Well… do you have it?"
"Of course I have it! Why would I be talking about it otherwise? I'll go get one of the DVDs."
Arthur got up to get the DVD and Amelia quickly stuffed sweet wrappers down the back of the sofa so that she wouldn't be nagged for her bad hygiene. Arthur ignored her and got the first DVD of the newest Doctor Who series (Matt Smith's first series) then putting it into the DVD player.
"It's the start of a series that I've got, so you should be able to understand it."
"Is that a dig, Iggy?" He turned around in time to see her pouting at him.
"How clever of you for noticing that…" he muttered sarcastically.
"Yeah, well you're…" Amelia stopped when she remember how bad she was at insults. "Should I order pizza?"
"Fine, just make sure that my pizza's a Hawaiian."
Amelia got up to get the phone.
"Put the episode on and don't sit in my spot."
Arthur nodded, not listening, while Amelia went into the hallway to the corded phone to order pizza. Arthur got the DVD on, and lay down on sofa, covering Amelia's seat. As she came back in, she gave a glare at the Brit lying over her seat.
"You're in my seat. Do you want me to invite France over? Because I will. And you know what he'll try to do with you if he's here."
Arthur glared back at her.
"If you do invite him over then you will have a scary experience in the middle of the night," he threatened.
"Scarier than Matt waking me up in the middle of the night to play Hockey because the ice is 'just perfect'? Or are you going to set your unicorns on me?" she said, mocking him back.
"No, you will find an unwanted Brit in your bed if you aren't careful."
"That may not be so bad Iggy, you're cute...and tiny, I could kick you out easily."
Arthur sat up, letting her sit down beside him. Then he registered what she said.
"Well you're- wait, did you just call me cute?"
Amelia blushed slightly.
"Well, erm, cute like a kitten cute. Just put on your show."
Arthur blushed a little and pressed 'play' on the DVD menu.
"Besides," she continued. "After walking in on Mattie when he was in the bathroom there's nothing worse than that."
She shuddered.
"Don't tell me any more details... I really don't need to know..."
"He was doing something with the maple syrup and... you just don't want to know…"
"Don't say anymore! You're drowning out the Doctor!" he said, pointing at the TV with a disturbed look on his face.
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@blackcat123 Amelia is female America
on February 11, 2014
Like it which country is Amelia? I know Arthur's britain
on February 10, 2014
I like this story!
on September 22, 2013