The love story of kili and Morgan (1)

The love story of kili and Morgan (1)

This is about how to young beautiful dwarfs fall in love the first glance they get.

published on September 22, 201320 reads 7 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.

The Kingdom

One evening much like today there was little dwarf boy getting reday to be prince someday. His dwarf  name was kili. He had just selarbarted his 76th birthday. He would be 18 in dwarf year's. So he asked his father  could he finally let him laern how to fight. His father was sielent for a moment and he gave kili a clode hard look like stone. So kili new what that meant so he left the table and desied to sit in a medow some ware so he could think clearly about things.
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Comments (2)

I like it but I ship KilixArya
on March 01, 2014
I hope you guys like my story I worked very hard on it xxx
on September 22, 2013