Bravery Love

Bravery Love

This is for my friend Blanket.Loves.Ally. I hope she and you all like it. Please tell me if im good, if i need to stop, if i need more practice.... PLEASE!

published on September 23, 201340 reads 21 readers 4 completed
Chapter 1.
We're Going Where?

We're Going Where?

At 20 years old, I should be dating right? Nope, not me. So, I'm talking to this guy on eharmony and he's really nice. we've been talking for like months. His name is Niall Horan. But he's in town and wants to meet me and he suggets Nando's. I don't know that place. I have to meet him at the park. Little did i know that my life was about to change.

"Where is this blonde?" i look at the pic on my red iphone. He was sexy as heck. i felt a tap on my shoulder. i turn around.
"Niall!" I smile. i'm a little red. He was even sexier in real life.
"Ally! I knew it was you. You are the only person here with blue hair." He laughs. He's the kind of guy you stop in the middle of the street to watch him go by, like a celebrity. i smile. i knew i loved him.
"Let's head to Nando's." he says.
"Where?" i ask.
"You don't know what Nando's is?" He asks. i shake my head.
"You poor child. Eat as much as you want." He laughs. I laugh along with him.

In the middle of our date, he gets a phone call.
"One second," He says, "What do you want Zayn?"
"Did you cook?"
"Zayn, I told you to let Liam cook. Is my mom in there?"
"Okay, let out the fire, okay?"
"Bye." he hangs up. I look at him.
"It's fine." He says.

After eating the god like food, we head over to his house to check on the fire.
"Ally, can I ask you something?" He asks.
"Of course." I say.
"Why do you like me?" He asks bluntly.
"Because your nice, funny, lovable,... cute..." I tell him, getting redder after every word.
"Really?" He asks. He was so adorable when he was red.
"Yeah." I mumble so he could hear me.
"So, you don't just like me because I'm famous?" he asks. Wait, he's famous?!
"You're famous?"? I asks.
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on October 20, 2013
on October 18, 2013
i love you niall becouse you are soo cute and you are myn
on October 06, 2013
haha like it so far. More drama or something. Would you read mine? ITs called One Direction Fan Fiction. real original huh
on September 23, 2013